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    • Another car set on fire - swedish ghetto

      Another car set on fire - swedish ghetto



      Happened 10 mins ago. RAW VIDEO +1 for extremly polite Swedish police. +1 for Swedish GIANT viking-cop (third video 00.27) dont pay attention to my silly voice, i woke up from the smoke

      By: jaforii | Comments: 906 | Views: 39850 | Votes: 9 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: May-24-2013 in Regional News

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    • Just stoped by to tell you that your post was alright to me. I watched all of them. Found it interesting to watch firefighters from another country doing what they do best. Seems to me that your cops are pretty laid back.

      You did good for a first post and I can't talk crap about someone elses vids when mine can be quite boring to most LL'ers anyway.

      Just keep your spirits up and don't pay much attention to some complaining idiots. Just wanted to give you a little encouragement.

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