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    • go fuck yourself faggot

      Posted Apr-8-2017 By 

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    • Fuck you Troll, BLOCKED

      Posted Apr-8-2017 By 

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      • I love that internet tough guys like you are like "BLOCKED!" in bold, as if it means you're tough, flexing those blocking biceps. Unfortunately, all it means is that you're a pussy, too scared to engage people in discussion on the internet.

        Enjoy your safe space. May it bring you much safety.

        Posted Apr-8-2017 By 

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    • This fucking loser has admitted that he is not American, only flies our flag because his shithole country is too shameful and embarrassing to fly. Knowing that this coward lies about his home, puts everything else into perspective. He is the lowest form of scum that the world produces, and his whore mother failed society by allowing this shitpickle to grow beyond puberty, those dirty disease spreading legs should be broken and the tubes tied, so that she never creates a low life form like this i More..

      Posted Nov-27-2017 By 

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    • We should meet at my Chateau de la douche, have some brandy and compare 401k. Maybe swing by my beach...that is right, I did not say beach house, I said BEACH...we can have lobster and cracked crab while floating on my mega yacht, cleverly named, "snowflake destroyer".

      You are such a fucking tool, lie like a whore on welfare with no teeth and still too fucking stupid to know what country you come from. What a cunt, your mommy failed us all, she should shoot you in the face and make More..

      Posted Dec-15-2017 By 

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