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    • Mysterious Russian Creature in your vid clip is a "Triop"

      Major species Lepidurus batesoni
      Subspecies none
      Range Russia
      Habitat unknown
      Temperature range Unknown
      Body ring/segments 33, 8 apodous
      Appendages 49 - 52
      Notable characters Carapace more rounded than typical in Lepidurus, endite 6 of the first thoracic appendage is developed into a claw like structure (it is reduced to a small lobe in all other notostracans More..

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      • Yes, I know it's a triop now. Looking closely at the species, it doesn't resemble the native species closely. It appears that it could be a variant from Germany/Austria which areretty rare in their own right.

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    • hello there
       great vid on the peppers, thanks for sharing.
       I also see from S. Calif. Beauty, I lived most my life in HB, but did have a time share in Mission beach for a time,

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    • You should upload video of your 4 axis CNC.
      I use camworks, What do you use?

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    • Thanks for the message. I can't figure out how to respond to your message or add your friend request. When I click, "reply" to the message I get an empty box but can't type anything for some weird reason. When I try to add you I'm told to do it in the user menu but can't find that either.
      Been a while since I've been here and I see it's much of the same.

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    • I need T.P. for my bunghole!

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    • Another video comment crybaby bitch. Fuck off faggot!

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