It's a Toto song, off their first album: Rockmaker. Great album, a classic, if you're into that sort of thing. Thumb is James Dean. Also I'm 100% straight, when I'm sober. Do you want to go grab a beer?

I've been around the sun 59 times or so. Like my father said: I've been everywhere, I've seen everything, I've done everything. I have an opinion on things which I've developed over my entire life, starting from my first memories as a child. I am who I am, flaws and all. I'm still growing to this day; spiritually, psychologically philosophically. My character is pretty much set in stone by now, it's not up to people's interpretation. I believe in freedom above all else, free to choose my direction at any moment. I travel through life with the intention of treating everyone I pass by with dignity and respect. I believe in having fun and being funny and entertaining. Life is short even though we believe it lasts forever. I you want someones cooperation, show the same spirit, no aggression, no hostility. And above all else, the most important thing about living a physical life on planet earth: get as much pussy as you can.

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