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    • lmao

      Posted Mar-5-2010 By 

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    • Dude, you ROCK!

      I love the videos, dont let up on those freak bastards!!!!

      Posted May-27-2010 By 

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    • I've seen many of your posts here and I can say I was never inclined to watch them until today. Dude,keep it up in exposing the "cult" as they are. Its funny to watch them squirm as you talk to them in public and there's nothing they can do about it.

      Posted Jun-12-2010 By 

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    • You're a good guy and doing some great work. Thank you.

      Posted Jul-3-2010 By 

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    • Keep on keepin' on. Love the vids!

      Posted Jun-14-2010 By 

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    • I can't tell who is more fucked up...
      Scientology cult or the complete dumbfucks who protest it.
      I think it's a toss up.

      Posted Jul-9-2010 By 

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    • Disturbing avatar lol

      Posted Oct-8-2010 By 

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    • I know a few Scientologists and one of them is a solid guy, it works for him.

      Posted Jul-4-2010 By 

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      • Sweet for him. However, he should be aware that all his money goes to a corrupt and criminal organization which forces their workers to be virtual slaves at the threat of losing their salvation if they do not comply with orders from the church. They are also known to force female staffers into abortions so that they can continue to work for the cult. Additionally, any critics of the cult are made targets for the church to "utterly destroy" as a matter of policy.

        More importantly, for More..

        Posted Jul-6-2010 By 

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    • What do you know about scientology in mexico? I heard on TV they just moved to a bigger building here in mexico city, does this mean they're getting bigger down here?

      I haven't been able to find any group of protesters here, got any info on that?

      Posted Jul-19-2010 By 

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      • The Scientology corporation likes to buy up property wherever they can get it, but that does not mean the Church in Mexico is actually growing. As you can see from the videos I've posted, their building is huge but they hardly have any public members.

        To get more info on any protests or protests groups in Mexico I suggest you go to to, join the open forums and ask questions there.

        Posted Jul-20-2010 By 

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    • One of those scientologists is going to fuck you up someday, your posts suck and i hope you die

      Posted Jun-20-2010 By 

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    • lol , cool vids more needed..

      Posted Apr-24-2011 By 

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    • great subway me re: getting this out to the mass media asap through my many contacts......need some info from you. Hit me up @

      Posted Jul-23-2011 By 

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