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    • "It thought the Taliban might be a stabilizing factor if they controlled 90 percent of the country," Radha Kumar of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

      When the Taliban rolled into Kabul, Washington appeared initially enthusiastic amid signs it would consider recognizing the new regime. The top US diplomat in Pakistan planned a visit to Kabul just days after it was captured by the Taliban and a State Department official expressed hope that the Taliban would "move quic More..

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    • Another no comment down-thumbing coward.

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    • Sub'd just now because you thumbed something up. But also for:

      "the-sun-is-my-god" - I like that.

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    • Cheera Buddy.

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    • Fuck you, too, you piece of human excrement. I hope my avatar gives you a seizure. LMAO!

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    • Thank you for the advice on my trail cam post. It is nice to see some real comments and not the classic trolling. Cheers.

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