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    • A Valentine For America and The World

      A Valentine For America and The World

      A Valentine gift to America! Barack Obama, an extraordinary man for an extraordinary country. We need the change Mr. Obama can give to America. A Vote For Change, Is A Vote For Barack Obama. Help make

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      Leaked: Feb-14-2008 in Other

    • A Tribute To Bill Hicks

      A Tribute To Bill Hicks

      Bill Hicks will forever remain Forever Young. He died to early but left so much of his persona behind in videos. He was a great human being, a terrific philosopher and an unbelievable funny guy.

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      Leaked: Dec-18-2007 in Arts and Entertainment

    • Talk radio demagoguery.

      Talk radio demagoguery.

      In America there is a talk show host who is the water-boy for the Republican party. This is a film about the demagoguery from one Rush Limbaugh.

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      Leaked: Oct-28-2007 in News

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