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    • Vintage Coka Cola pop machine

      Vintage Coka Cola pop machine

      Just purchased this machine and will start its restoration process after the new year. I know this is more Youboob than LL but I don't do the Youboob thing. So, I'll do a poll and if you guys/gals w

      By: tuffiron | Comments: 69 | Views: 1688 | Votes: 16 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Dec-24-2015 in Other Entertainment

    • Landing video - No blood or guts

      Landing video - No blood or guts

      I travel quite a bit for work on smaller planes but this particular landing was a little steep. I managed to start the vid and you can hear the sink rate warning going off. Before that it was steady a

      By: tuffiron | Comments: 15 | Views: 1765 | Votes: 1 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Dec-11-2015 in Other Entertainment, Vehicles

    • Offgrid PV system

      Offgrid PV system

      This is my first upload and yoursay so go easy on me. I thought I'd show you guys (and Gals) what I do. For some I'm sure it'll be interesting - others probably not. There's no blood and gore

      By: tuffiron | Comments: 45 | Views: 1481 | Votes: 29 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Jun-29-2015 in Other Items from Liveleakers

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