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    • Thats a sick wave bra!

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    • Thanks for the info.

      Quoted comment by maelstrom316: Haulin' balls.

      I have always appreciated those that use machines for something other than what they were intended.

      And those engines sound so distinctly different. RR P&W GE? anyone know?

      C-32A military version of the 757-200 it has 2 P&W 2040 engines with about 10k pounds of incresed thrust compared to the civilian 757 that has RR engines

      Posted Mar-18-2009 By 

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    • why don't you suck on my plums,you adel minded retard.all americans are retards.

      Posted Jul-28-2010 By 

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    • Not a clue who did the song mate!

      Posted Mar-27-2010 By 

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