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    • Dad's War

      Dad's War

      On this Memorial Day, I thought it was appropriate to share some information about a veteran in my Dad. Al served in WW2 from 1943 until 1946. It has taken me several years to learn the mo

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      Leaked: May-30-2016 in History

    • The first winter snow.

      The first winter snow.

      The beauty of winter....the first real snow. The first hairy face covered in snow......The first Poop Pit of 2013. The first digging out of the damn car... Ahhrgghh....New H ampshire.

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      Location: New Hampshire, United States | Leaked: Dec-15-2013 in Other Items from Liveleakers, Nature

    • Blizzard of 2013

      Blizzard of 2013

      Well, after 12 hours of whining and longing looks, he has a place to poop. How ridiculous is that.

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      Location: New Hampshire, United States | Leaked: Feb-9-2013 in Nature

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