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Liveleak Chat

Welcome to the LiveLeak audio and video chat rooms. In here you can chat via text and voice as well as use your webcam. In using our chat you agree to abide by our chat rules which you can (and should) read HERE

Have fun!

Room list:
A general area with no set topic. Although chat topics can often veer into all manner of subject matter we would prefer members avoid in depth / heated political or religious debate in this room. If a mod asks you to take such a debate to the relevant room please comply or risk being ejected from chat. Enter Lobby room here
For any kind of political discussion. Enter Politics room here
For any kind of religious discussion. Enter Religion room here
Barnesy's Pub
Music, karaoke, and no set topic. Just hang out and enjoy yourself. If quite a few people want to play some tunes please be respectful of each other and don't hog the mic. NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DEBATE IN THIS ROOM! Also please check the user events section in the forums. If Papapang2007 is holding a Karaoke event it will be in this room. Enter Barnesy's Pub here
User Events
A room available for use for user events. Please check the forums for details of events and topics. Enter User Events room here
LiveLeak Debate / Hosted Chat
A room used for the official LiveLeak debates. There is no permanent link to a debate room so please enter chat via another room then choose the Debate room from your rooms list. Debate rooms will only go live on the day of a debate and will be removed no later than the following day.