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  • "Could of?" Fuck that shit. Tazer boom and she is down. He is in a veggy state cuz of her head hitting the pavement. Hell lets say shes in a veggy state because of her own actions. Also idk why people saying the cop should chase her... Chase her to were? I can see the street with cars going by in the video... He chases her and doesn't stop her in time then their is going to be a car accident with injured or dead people.

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    • @King Kur PS: The cop does need to lose some weight though...

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    • @King Kur

      Her fault?

      Hayslett said Cole violated FHP's taser policy which states:
      "Fleeing cannot be the sole reason for the deployment."
      "When you shoot someone in the back, and they're running away, all that force -- as you saw when Danielle's head hit the concrete -- that's why they don't allow you to do that, because you can have horrible tragedies like this," Hayslett said.

      So its her fault that he didnt follow POLICE procedure? And chasing criminals is what cops are More..

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