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  • I guarantee you that little shit graffiti fa99ot is also in the business of breaking your passengers side window and ripping out your dashboard and door panels, causing 800 dollars worth of damage so he can steal your car speakers and sell them on the street for 10 dollars so he can buy a can of spray paint so he can fuck up your storefront.

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    • @JeddyAlpha

      well ...since you get your facts from I pretty sure your guarantees would not held in any civilized court ...

      Yet...the precedent of guilty until proven innocent would stop me to burn you from witchcraft practices in all the countries still agree with you...think about it ...

      Im not defending a freaking vandal trying to pass as urban artist...YET ...things in context you dont make a right with 2 wrong ...and this Police Power Dripping assholes that would be im More..

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