• What are the general rules for uploading on LiveLeak?

    We try to keep LiveLeak.com as "free" as possible but there are certain criteria an upload must meet.
    1) Media which we deem to be the glorification of graphic violence or graphic content such as graphic compilations or graphic media with insufficient information.
    2) Media which is deemed to be illegal in the United States of America including, but not limited to child pornography or bestiality. In these cases the media will be removed, your account will be banned, and any information we have will be passed on to the relevant authorities.
    3) Uploads showing the poster involved in criminal activity.
    4) Spam or advertising media. LiveLeak.com is supported by advertising so if you wish to advertise please contact us.
    5) Soft- and Hardcore pornography. We do not host softcore or hardcore pornography of any kind.
    6) Videos or images depicting nudity for the purposes of / created for titillation or sexual gratification are not acceptable. This is due to several issues not least of which being age verification and copyright related. Nudity in non-pornographic uploads (not covered by the above criteria) is still acceptable i.e. News related footage which might feature nudity for any reason.
    7) Media created to attack another member. This includes any media containing the personal information of another member of the site.
    8) Music. Unless you are the copyright holder
    9) Extremist material - Terrorist or banned organizations are forbidden to use Liveleak for any purpose.
    10) We do not allow hate speech and will remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups.
    Please remember that LiveLeak.com is a privately owned website and we reserve the right to remove media without warning or notice.

  • When is graphic media accepted?

    Media on LiveLeak can sometimes be graphic in nature. However, we only accept graphic media that contains sufficient factual background information and/or media that contains news value. In case you might spot graphic items on LiveLeak that don't seem to meet the above criteria, please flag the item to be reviewed

  • What are the rules for commenting on LiveLeak?

    We are aware that the nature of the site can sometimes lead to heated discussion. However we have to have some rules in place to retain some semblance of order to prevent threads being derailed.

    1.      Flaming. “Flaming” or directly insulting fellow members will not be tolerated. Your comments will be removed, points deducted, and you could get a warning (Please see below for “warnings”). Generalisation is NOT considered a flame. If someone insults your country this is not an excuse to insult them.

    2.      Racial Slurs. Racial slurs are forbidden on LiveLeak.com. This is not down to ‘political correctness’ or for fear of offending someone. The use of racial slurs leads to further arguments, places the site under undue scrutiny, and generally smacks of ignorance. We are aware some people have vastly different ideas on race then others, we are not trying to tell you how to think. We are merely asking you voice your opinions within our rules.

    3.      Private information. The posting of private information is forbidden. Any member found sharing another members personal information on this site (Full name, phone number, address, e.t.c.) runs the risk of being banned. Even if this information is freely available elsewhere on the internet members will not bring it into LiveLeak nor link to it.

    4.       Trolling. Deliberately making post after post with the sole intent of disrupting the site will result in your account, and possibly any future accounts, being banned without warning

    5.      Spamming. Advertising (without the prior agreement of Liveleak.com), making the same comments over and over, or the continuous use of “pointless” single character posts and the like will be treated as spam.

    6.      Profanity filter. The filter is there to prevent anyone NOT wishing to view profanity to have that choice. You can turn the filter off in your settings. Please do not deliberately misspell words to defeat the filter, all you are doing is imposing your will on fellow members and you run the risk of warnings / a ban.

    7.      Posting of private messages. Private messages are not intended for public consumption. Please keep them between yourselves.

    Please remember that LiveLeak.com is a privately owned website and we reserve the right to remove comments without warning or notice.

  • How do the warnings work on LiveLeak.com?

    Here on LiveLeak we operate a three strike system for most offenses. This means you will often receive up to three warnings from the LiveLeak moderators before you face being banned from the site. You can even appeal these warnings via our ticket system if you think they have been wrongly applied. If you do so then your case will be looked at by administrators and senior staff.

    There are exceptions to the three strike rule. If you are a returning previously banned member or someone who has repeatedly broken the rules in a very short space of time or your comments indicate your only goal on LiveLeak.com is to cause disruption your account can be disabled without any warnings.

    As a privately owned website LiveLeak.com reserves the right to refuse / terminate accounts without any prior notice.

  • How does the flag system work?

    You may “flag” any comment or media that you feel is against the rules on LiveLeak.com. Each flag is investigated by a moderator who will decide what action to take.

    On some sites flagging is used to silence the opinions of others. Multiple flags for this purpose will result in nothing more than the person or persons indulging in this being banned from the site. We will not tolerate attempts to silence opinions or media that are within our rules.

  • What are points and how can I earn them?

    Points are a virtual reward for your activity on Liveleak. For some functionalities on Liveleak (like rating comments), you will need a certain amount of points. You can earn points the following ways:
    - Adding items, for each upload you get points.
    - Sharing items to your friends, point(s) per item shared.
    - Getting your comments upvoted by other ( points per upvote).
    - Getting your items featured, points per item featured.
    - Getting your channel featured, points per channel featured.

  • I have “bad” designations in my points. Does this mean I will be banned?

    Not all “bad” comments deserve or warrant a warning. Occasionally you will see an account with several “bad” comments which is still active. If you keep racking up warnings and bad comments, however, there is a good chance you could lose your LiveLeak.com account.

  • What about my freedom of speech?

    On LiveLeak.com we endeavour to always support our members freedom of thought, and to some extent, speech. We are not here to tell you how to think or what your opinions of others should be. At the same time we have to operate a site with a very diverse user base. All we ask of our members is that you exercise some self moderation when it comes to voicing your opinions. Certain expressions and insults do nothing but derail threads and cause a snowball effect.

    On LiveLeak.com you will meet people from all corners of the globe and differing viewpoints to yourself. Whilst this can often lead to heated debate we encourage our members to enjoy these differences and perhaps learn from them. Just do so within our rules.

  • Is LiveLeak.com biased? You removed my comment/media because of my opinion.

    As an organisation LiveLeak.com has no political or ideological bias or affiliation. Careful checks and balances are in place to ensure our organisation operates in as unbiased a manner as is possible. Believe us when we say that your opinion is not something that will ever see you “censored” on LiveLeak unless you break our rules to put that opinion across.

  • You changed the title/description of my video. Isn't that censorship?

    On occasion it might be necessary for staff members to alter the title and/or description of a media item. This is not censorship based on our feelings or personal beliefs. We believe members should let the media do the talking- making your point with defamatory and sometimes libelous titling /descriptions can do far more harm than good. Try to be as un-biased as you can with your titles and descriptions, information is not made more powerful by an editorial created to agitate members.

  • Why was my media deleted?

    Occasionally we have to delete certain media. This means the media is no longer available to view to the public even with a direct link. Situations which might lead to deletion include, but are not limited to:

    Hardcore pornography.

    Illegal media (Child pornography e.t.c.)

    Media designed to harass or “flame” fellow members

    Glorification of death (Gory scenes with no explanation and / or set to music)

    Media deemed to be a threat to the website.

    Copyright complaints.

    Please remember, despite our aim to be as uncensored as possible LiveLeak.com is a privately owned site. As such we reserve the right to remove any media, comments, or material deemed necessary without prior notice.

  • I'm not happy with some aspect of the site. Who do I complain to?

    If something has caused you to be unhappy with LiveLeak.com and you cannot find the answer in the FAQ's you are free to submit a support ticket. Please be aware that the ticket system is the last line. If you are still unhappy with any decision after a support ticket has been closed there really is no other avenue for complaint. We will at every point endeavour to find solutions to our members problems but it has to be kept in mind that we will always act in the best interests of the site as a whole.

  • How to rate comments up or down?

    In order to rate comments up or down you need to have a minimum of points. For details on how to earn points check here.