Liveleak Content and Comment Rules

1) Copyright is fully DMCA compliant. If a complaint is received and verified we will act according to the directives of the DMCA. Anyone using DMCA complaints to censor a user incorrectly will be banned without notice.
2) Graphic Media.
Graphic media depicting images which can be upsetting to some are treated on a case by case basis when it comes to approval. We do not accept media which we determine to be glorifying graphic events and nor will we accept videos such as gore compilations and gore set to music.
3) Spam
Uploading videos or making comments to spam a service, site, or other commercial endeavour will see your media and account removed with immediate effect. This includes packing descriptions or tags with spam. is an ad supported service provided free to the end user. If you wish to advertise with us please use the proper channels.
4) Pornography
We do not carry pornography on We have it on good authority that you can actually already see people without clothes on at various places on the Internet so best you use one of those sites to sate those particular desires.
5) Illegal Media
This includes, but is not limited to, animal abuse (context dependent), bestiality, how to build bombs using household items etc. In these cases your account could well be removed without notice. If the material is extreme in nature (such as child pornography) we will actively endeavour to inform your local authorities where possible.
6) Attacking members
No matter how heated your argument we would ask you not to upload media attacking other members of the site. By attacking we don't mean discussing, there is a difference. However if your video, image or commentis little more than a hatchett job it will be rejected.
7) Privacy
No video uploaded to the site should contain images of members not authorised for use. Furthermore any media uploaded which involves doxxing will be removed along with your account. We have a zero tolerance policy on people who reveal the personal information of others without their permission.
8) Attacking the site or staff
Videos criticising LiveLeak are fine, we could not take that right away from you. That being said any videos containing damaging untruths or attacking the staff will be removed and infractions given. Please keep in mind is a privately owned website providing a service. As such we reserve the right to remove any content or account without notice or correspondence. We are also within our rights to refuse you access to the service in whole or in part.
9) Doxxing
An ever more popular hobby online involves revealing the personal information or other users so that you can inflict harm on them in real life, usually over a petty dispute. This behaviour will not be tolerated at all on It is dangerous, cowardly, and pathetic. We expect better from our members. This includes taking personal images and turning them into memes designed to bully an individual.
10) Flaming isn't a child friendly website about life affirming memes and hugging. Debate can get heated and banter is everywhere. That being said repeatedly attacking a member in comments isn't banter or "lulz". It's disruptive and ruins the experience for others. Please be aware of this before going on another rampage, mods will hand out infractions for each individual comment determined to breach this rule which could lead to a permanent ban.
11) Racial Slurs
On we will not tolerate racial slurs made towards any race. If you use racial slurs you will be given infractions and could lose your account permanently. This in no way inhibits your ability to have an opinion and any "freedom of speech" arguments in this regard will be discounted without reply.
12) Racism and Bigotry
We live in an increasingly offended society where the blanket term "hatespeech" is often thrown around but rarely well defined. Whilst we believe criticising individuals simply because of their ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or religion are acts of ignorance we aren't here to be the thought police. That being said we reserve the right to remove any overt racism or bigotry as we see fit. You will, of course, have the ability to appeal an infraction but if unsuccessful you may find your entire account coming under scrutiny.
13) Threatening behaviour
Anyone making threats, either public or private, to members or the staff will find their accounts suspended permanently. The credibility of said threats will be ascertained by the staff. Needless to say one anonymous account threatening the life of another anonymous account in a different country may not be taken as proof a life is in danger. It might still result in an infraction though.
14) Comments or content deemed a danger to the site
If any comment is deemed dangerous or disruptive to the site we reserve the right to remove it. You can of course appeal this decision and open a conversation with the staff on the issue. Please keep in mind is a privately owned website providing a service. As such we reserve the right to remove any content or account without notice or correspondence. We are also within our rights to refuse you access to the service in whole or in part.