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Added: Aug-5-2012 By: tubezzz

Welcome to my world. the videos at the top of this page are some of my videos that should've been featured but were sadly overlooked.


Entry Added: Aug-7-2012 By: tubezzz

I celebrated too early. 10 feature worthy uploads today and not only non of them got featured, i didn't get any points for 'approved's...

Would be nice if i could post on the forums but i do not have forum access.
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  • Yeah, that sort of thing happens.Not sure why some get credit why others don't. As far as the Forums go, just go ahead and register there with the same info as you have here. The forums are a bit different than the main section here, so let me warn you. Pretty anti Israel,anti American over there. Gotta have tough skin if you plan to spend any time over there. I'll see if I can get Haydens ear this week and ask him about why some uploads get credit while others do not. Take care.F37R

    Posted Aug-13-2012 By 

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    • @Fire37Rescue thanx for the heads up.
      and regarding the missing points it turned out it was a bug. they can't add the points later though :(
      no biggy.

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  • Just touring the site in more detail, and came across this post. Thx Tubezzz.

    One thing I have noticed is that a post I uploaded, is "approved". OK, great, I thought it was worthy of a feature. But, if it is not featured, that's OK, there are some really good ones that are.

    But what really annoys me is that a REPOST (by someone else) of my earlier original upload is featured. Could be a few days, and in one case, it was about 3 hours.

    I then get an email from a Mod that says More..

    Posted Oct-29-2012 By 

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