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Blog 'Occupy history'
Added: Apr-30-2012 By: ariva

Copwatcher reports:

“Officers that make up most of Oakland's Police Shootings will continue to be deployed as Tango and QRF (Quick Response Force). OPD Chief Howard Jordan has suggested that he may send specialized units into the crowd for the purpose of making surgical arrests, rather than use lethal force through the deployment of chemical and less than lethal rounds indiscriminately. However, sending teams of officers that are known for their relationship to violence into largcrowds of people is a clear indication that OPD intends to incite panic and chaos rather than develop better methods for interfacing with large groups of people.”

Occupy history

Entry Added: Apr-30-2012 By: ariva

The corporate interests that oppose occupy, or any media effort that draws attention to their business practices, have made it no secret that they intend to fight back. The opposition has used every resource at their disposal to suppress the OWS message.

Their resources are unlimited, and unfortunately we have seen an unprecedented erosion of civil rights that seems to correlate with the occupy phenomenon as well.

The heads-up regarding OPD above is a clear indication that occupiers will have to endure much more suffering at the hands of police that are intent on suppressing the message. History tells us that this message has always been perceived as a threat to those that will settle for nothing less than monopolistic rule over markets, governments, and countries.

They want to own everything there is to own, including democratic governments that tailor and pass legislation favorable to their interests. ALEC can serve as an example.

On this occasion, the May 1st general strike that spread across the country with the help of occupy groups organizing, it is worth noting that we have inherited an important, and just cause from our forebears.

The first local trade unions sprang up before America declared itself a free country, fought for it, then codified it in the Constitution. This was quickly followed by the amendments known as the Bill of Rights. These rights have always been at odds with the powers that be, the mega-corporations and the government, but they were respected until recently.

The Supreme Court has embraced these principles many times, but now we see what was once dignified, just, and lawful protest being identified as the problem, threats to national security, instead of the fleecing of America or the looting of the Treasury by TPTF zombie banks and the crooks that always escape prosecution, usually accountability as well.

Instead, more than 6,000 protesters have been arrested for pointing out the flagrant abuses by the perpetrators, those that continue to undermine the future of America and its citizens.

Women especially have a role in the fight ahead, and in the past they have done more than any single group to affect change in what was once the bastion of democracy. Here's a synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia.

“Women working under sweat shop conditions organized the first union in the early 19th century. According to the book American Labor, in 1834–1836 women worked 16–17 hours a day to earn $1.25 to $2.00 a week. A girl weaver in a non-union mill would receive $4.20 a week versus $12.00 for the same work in a union mill. The workers had to buy their own needles and thread from the proprietor.

"They were fined for being a few minutes late for work. Women carried their own foot treadle machines or were held in the shops until the entire shop had completed an immediate delivery order. Their pay was often shorted, but a protest might result in immediate dismissal. Sometimes whole families worked from sun up to midnight. Pulmonary ailments were common due to dust accumulation on the floors and tables. Some shops had leaks or openings in the roofs, and workers worked in inclement weather.

“Despite the odds, some women challenged the employers. Their first organization was as an auxiliary, the Daughters of Liberty in 1765. In 1825, the women organized and called themselves the United Tailoresses of New York.”

Almost 250 years later, the battle is still lies ahead. It will require exactly the sort of resilience that the occupy phenomenon has demonstrated over the last six months. Imagine being held on a Sheriff's bus for nine hours in restraints while being forced to relieve yourself because you dared to challenge these interests.

But also imagine the suffering that has occurred before. Many have died in protests against misguided policy or unfair practices. It wasn't that long ago that National Guard troops fired on students at Kent State University, killing four. Their cause was also just. The rest of the country came to agree with them over time.

The history of countermeasures is also well-traveled and documented. Whenever attention is drawn to the abuses of power, whenever people organize against them, the reaction is swift and brutal. This list of detective agencies hired to infiltrate and undermine labor organizations below doesn't include the undercover cops, Homeland Security, the U.S. Military, infiltrators from opposing political groups or any of the others that have attacked and undermined this particular movement, the first of its kind in 40 years. From Wikipedia.

“Labor spy agencies included the Baldwin–Felts Detective Agency, Pinkerton National Detective Agency, William J. Burns International Detective Agency, Corporations Auxiliary Company, Sherman Service Company, Mooney and Boland, ThielDetective Service Company, Berghoff and Waddell, and numerous others. Each of the named companies had branch offices in scores of American cities, frequently under disguised names.”

Make no mistake how much the same forces and interests fear the occupiers and their message. They will not tolerate or accept those that have the audacity to challenge their empire. They will do whatever they think is necessary to stop them, and more importantly, suppress the message of socio-economic inequality that is so prevalent in contemporary society.

In a great and storied tradition they have withstood the elements, harassment by hostile forces, unlawful arrests, beatings, gassings, and still they organize and refuse to be silenced.

The cause is just. The tactics used against them are not.
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