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Blog 'Erdogan must leave'
Added: Nov-15-2012 By: turkzil

What I feared and tried denying has become a reality. Erdogan removed the allegiance to Ataturk and his values from the parliamentary swear in. Ataturk was an extremely secular leader, he changed Turkey forever and it has been doing great secularly. Now there are mandatory religious schools, an elective Islamic course in military academies, more and more mosques being built. I have not seen violence against other religious groups, but I have seen a rise in the number of disgusting Arabic tourists who look like uncivilized monkeys. Many who speak against ErDOGan and Abdullah Gul have gone to jail, but those who support the PKK like the BDP walk freely. Ataturk is not only a man, Ataturk was not only flesh and bones, Ataturk was and still is an idea. Kemalist's such as I believe in progress, extreme secularism, and nationalism. We remember how the Arabs stuck our back with knives in WW1, and we remember the sacrifice by so many to live independently in a free country. Islam is not a bad thing, but it can be misused and abused to a great extent like the Taliban has. We are not the Islamic Republic of Iran, or Faggot Saudi Arabia. Erdogan forgot or chooses to ignore where we came from and how we came here.

Had it not been for one courageous and fearless man, Erdogan, me, countless others wouldn't be calling ourselves Turks. I can only hope the next elections bring a secular leader, if not then something more aggressive will take place. Kemalist's will sweep Turkey and clean it up.

I don't fear Erdogan or the AKP, I shouldn't fear them. They should fear the ideals of Ataturk and the people who hold them to our core. Erdogan, leave now or face your consequences.