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Added: Nov-14-2011 By: mrskin

Hi everyone this is a new feature for Mrskin. I thought it better to put my comments here in a blog where they are not interrupted by the rent a troll mob. I think its quite amusing that these people are allowed to get away with what they say day after day when the ordinary members would be banned,but that's LL for you. LL is like God, works in mysterious ways. If I didn't know better I would say it was some of the Mods having a laugh to relieve the boredom of having to watch mind numbing video uploads day and night.
Now many of you may have noticed a few changes to Mrskin recently. Firstly the amount of uploads has dropped. This is because LL has restricted me to three uploads per day and if any of the uploads are rejected it is even less. Only LL in their wisdom can say why some members are discriminated in this way. This is why I love the management of LL they are so fair and democratic to the members who are not in their clique.
The latest gem from the minds of the chosen few is that I am requested to embed youtube videos when uploading live music. When I do that the embed does not work. Then I notice a sign which informs the members that its best to use the LL uploader for best quality. Just where does Hyden get his staff from LOL. Anyway that seems to have put an end to the music uploads on Mrskin, well at least until they get the embedding working. But not to worry folks I have lots of new entertainment lined up for your enjoyment. So thanks to everyone who helped the Mrskin channel go through the half million figure in just three months. I will try to make this blog a weekly event letting you know what's happening on the Mrskin front.

The points system, what is it for?

Entry Added: Dec-5-2011 By: mrskin

What exactly is the purpose of the points system? This is one of the more dumber ideas that the LL management have put into practice. First of all points for comments does not help increase the massive loss in viewing figures that LL is experiencing. Secondly what LL are saying is that they regard the + and - comments as more important to LL than any upload. Is it not the uploads that attract the viewer in the first place in order that the thick, dumb and stupid make an ass of themselves. Is it not the uploads that attract the viewers who in turn attract the advertiser. Is it not the uploads that make the site what it is, for without them there would be no site.
If you go to a cross section of the people who make comments you will see that in most cases none of them have ever uploaded a video, and many of them have been on the site for years. When you break it down even farther we see those who have a minus tend to be fairly balanced intelligent individuals trying to put a point across and they are voted down. When you look at all the + at the beginning what we see is clique activity full of racial slurs, hate, abuse and how low intelligence these people are. Perhaps the LL management wants to attract this type of member and give them the platform to spout their racist views and hate. If the management are not interested in changing this attitude and behavior then the only course of action is to say I am not going to buy any product advertised on LL and I am going to inform the advertisers the reasons for not buying their products. If enough of us do that and the advertisers pull out and stop advertising on the site then LL will have to change its ways.
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Bad Management

Entry Added: Nov-29-2011 By: mrskin

I have just had another mp4 upload rejected because it wont play on your system. The problem is at your end because it plays on my Mac. I got no response from you on the last upload that wouldnt play so is it worth uploading any quality mov or mp4 files on this site or should we just stick to the crappy flv files. No one knows if you have this glitch sorted out as none of you tell us what is happening.

I have just sent the above in on a ticket to the management. Its not just mods who are a problem for some of the members but the technical staff also. They still have major problems to sort out and no one is keeping us informed as to how they are doing or when they think they will resolve these issues, that is bad management. This is probably one of the major reasons why LL has lost so many viewers since the change over, people have just got fed up with trying to upload and having them rejected and the management failing to inform anyone how they are doing in trying to resolve the issues. Hayden get a grip and tell the members what is being done before the whole site goes down the tube.
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Race hate and discrimination

Entry Added: Nov-21-2011 By: mrskin

I see LL is having a clampdown on people who slur, use hateful language and give racial abuse. I welcome this move and will do my bit to report those who do this on my uploads. So far I have reported a number of people for this on my uploads but so far nothing has been done. It may be just a warning that the guilty are receiving but the same people are being reported again and again. This is sad really because LL is a British company covered under UK race laws. All it takes is just one complaint from a member of the public and Hyden (being the owner and responsible one for the company) facing a jail rap for race hate.I have no idea what the laws on this are in other parts of the world but in the UK they take race hate very seriously. So I would urge the LL crew to tackle this head on and show the members you really mean it. While you are at it you can also look at the way some of the mods discriminate against some of the members. Some discrimination is also based on racial discrimination, check it out Hyden and understand the definition of the term.
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  • you post bad smut soft core porn showcasing the exploitation of women and young why are you threatening the web site owner with hate speech crimes?

    Posted Nov-22-2011 By 

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    • @thinkslaughter
      If you read the blog properly you will see that I am not threatening anyone. I am saying anyone who is offended by the racism on LL and the managements refusal to do anything about it could lead them to making a complaint which in turn will land Hyden on a race hate charge in the UK courts.

      Posted Nov-24-2011 By 

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