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Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.


Entry Added: 1 day ago By: LL_Hayden

Anyone who runs any kind of website which has moderators knows there are certain constants in life when it comes to "criticism" of those mods. Why the quotes around criticism? Because it's usually just an insult laden rant for which the poster uses "It's just criticism" to defend when they're called on it. Anyway, the constants.

  • Your mods are killing the site
  • Your Mods are all biased. Against everything and everyone.
  • Your mods are powertripping.
  • You don't know your mods are killing your site.
  • Your mods are rubbish, let me be a mod so I can indulge in my favourite hobby of telling everyone what to do even though I have no experience whatsoever but I reckon I can work this.

Whether the moderator is a current or ex-member of the site or whether they've come from outside of LL they have something in common, they want the site to do well. Yes, mistakes are made. They're human, we all make mistakes. But overall they don't want to hurt the site, they want it to thrive. If they were power hungry they'd be better of positioning themselves as one of the "anti-mod" folks and building a little clique around themselves really as every action a mod account takes can - and often is - audited and checked.

It's not that we don't trust our mods, in fact in the history of LL we've only had two mods go genuinely rotten and that's 10 years, but we do like to have the ability to look at complaints in detail and correct them as well as use that information to help try and prevent the situation happening again.

It's not perfect, it's a long way from perfect, but we're working towards a good balance of automation and human input and striving to ensure any actions which could adversely affect your membership are always reviewed and actioned by a human.

There's something else to keep in mind, the mods generally don't pick features and they deal with thousands of comments and issues every day meaning whatever personal grudge you think exists is more than likely your issue with a mod who is completely unaware of who you are bar whatever evidence is in front of them.

Please stop abusing them, I don't expect a 'Hug a Mod' day but act like adults. If you screw up and break the rules it isn't a mod's fault, if you fall foul of the DMCA it isn't a mod's fault. If your mum didn't help you put your socks on quite right and they're a bit lumpy, it isn't a mod's fault.

We try to rectify mistakes as soon as we can, the support tickets are testament to this although we're often swamped with those too as some people complain about some pretty odd things. And when I say "some" people I mean "A LOT" of people.

It'll never be perfect, it'll most likely never be run according to your inner compass, but we will keep working on things because we're well enough aware of the issues and problems which actually do exist along with the ones some people only think exist.

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This guy walks into a Burger restaurant...

Entry Added: 8 days ago By: LL_Hayden

He walks up to the counter and places upon it a bag full of food he purchased only a few minutes earlier. He looks up at the member of staff behind the counter, what little you can see of his face beneath his cheap Guy Fawkes "Anonymizer 3000" mask is purple with rage.

Angry man "I bought my food ten minutes ago and there's no fucking chicken wings you piece of shit"

Staff Member "I'm sorry? We don't serve chicken wings"

Angry Man "Where are my chicken wings you cocksucking faggot?"

Staff Member "We don't sell chicken wings. You have your burgers you ordered though, but we've never sold chicken wings"

Angry Man "But I wanted chicken wings you mongoloid twat. Your mother should have swallowed you miserable piece of shit"

Staff Member "You know we don't have chicken wings, we didn't sell you any chicken wings, you weren't charged for chicken wings. I'm sorry about that"

Angry Man "Look, I don't know why you hate chicken wings so much but I fucking wanted them and I should fucking have them. I don't give a shit that you don't sell them just give me my fucking chicken wings you fucking horrible arsehole and stop pandering to chicken wing haters. I hate you. I hate you, so many other people hate you too, and I hope you die in a house fire along with your wife and kids!".

Staff Member "You're going to have to leave the store now, you're no longer welcome here"

Angry Man "OMG you fucking Nazi prick jew muslim bastard! You're banning me for nothing? Fuck you, fuck your shop, I'm going somewhere else that's better."

The man leaves only to return ten seconds later in a slightly different mask. He walks to the counter, looks at the server.

Angry Man "Where are my fucking chicken wings?"

Welcome to the Internet. Enjoy your meal.

The comments are open below for your unrelated complaints ;)

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Live Broadcast button

Entry Added: Mar-13-2017 By: LL_Hayden

Hi all,

A few folks have questioned the vanishing of the Live Broadcast button and - as usual - some "interesting" theories have arisen as to why it's gone and what's going on. Sadly, the reality isn't quite as exciting as the fantasy.

You might have noticed a few changes here and there on the site, this is because we're upgrading a lot of systems on the back end of the site. This is still ongoing and broadcasting is no different. In the short term we're going to authorise certain accounts to have access to broadcasting due to some limitations while we work. There has also been the question of the abuse the facility has had from certain members.

I'll keep you guys clued in as and when there's news but I will say that once all of the upgrades and new systems are complete broadcasting will return and it'll be far improved from what we've had for so long.

Sorry for the inconvenience but it will be worth it.

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