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Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.

Got a question?

Entry Added: May-17-2017 By: LL_Hayden

A couple of weeks back we did a LiveLeak show which was pretty much all about LiveLeak, I enjoyed it very much. We need more of this kind of thing. In light of this if you have any questions about LL get them to me and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

Whether it's about content partnerships, LL History, thumbs, or even why I manage to be so damn sexy despite being fat and bald just post them and I'll have a go. You can leave questions below in the comments but there are even better ways of getting them answered. Send a PM to liveleak show or better still actually Skype in because that's always cool.

I'd also like to get LiveLeakers you guys want to know more about on the show so we'll figure out a mechanism to get that rolling.

So, got a burning question? Ask it! Oh, I won't be answering questions in the comments below, that seems counterproductive no matter how much I enjoy playing.

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Entry Added: May-5-2017 By: LL_Hayden


I realise people are a little upset over the removal of the thumb down button. Last night on the show I outlined our reasons for removing it but I know not everyone could, or wanted, to watch so here it is in a nutshell.

When we introduced the thumbs down (we were just thumbs up for a while) there was an outcry of how it would ruin the site. When we took it away for a while, the same. When we stripped anonymity we had effectively killed the comments or so we were told. Throughout its history it has been a drama generator with at least a few hours each week lost to dealing with members annoyed at being thumbed down e.t.c.

We're all aware there has also been some massive abuse of the system (and we're now pretty sure we've finally found a couple of you, we'll be talking to you soon you naughty little sausages) along with general abuse of it all leading to more issues. It's something which eats time for something that adds so little.

Currently there is massive amount of work going on behind the scenes as we work towards the next upgrade to the site. We don't have unlimited funds or facilities and time is precious so anything which gets in the way of that without reasonable value is going to put way on the backburner. Unnecessary distraction are just that, Unnecessary.

I personally believe working on an upgrade which, among many other features, will include a new and more transparent moderation system is far more important than dealing with a thumb down issue. That is why it has been removed. If you can't play nice with your toys we have to take them away and fix them, ordinarily we'd have made changes but time...always time.

People have claimed it takes away from their freedom of speech, that it removes their freedom of expression, that it's wrong and makes us all precious snowflakes for taking it away. To those accusations I'd like to point out you made your opinion known without them and you might be overreacting just a touch.

As for complaints, complaints about thumbs were in now way the sole providence of liberal or "leftist" members. It turns out snowflakes are everywhere and the levels of whining and complaining about a damn thumb down have been ridiculous. You can express your displeasure with a comment, I've never liked the thumb down because - to me - it's an apathetic murderer of debate or discussion. It's a quick and dull "fuck you" without adding anything. But each to their own.

I realise people have far more exciting ideas as to why we took the button away but what's here is it. Will it return? Maybe, it's a possibility. That would all depend on when time can be made to address some key problems with it. We'll see. What won't help is screaming like an angry child, you'd be amazed at how that utterly fails to motivate people to give you what you want.

I'm actually genuinely sorry if we removed a feature you enjoyed, that's never something you want to do, but sometimes you have to.

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Site issues e.t.c.

Entry Added: Apr-19-2017 By: LL_Hayden

We're still in the process of undertaking a complete overhaul of the site's back end. We're doing what we can to minimise disruption to the site but there may be the odd issue here or there for quite some time. Disruption will obviously be kept to a minimum but please be aware this isn't a case of the site breaking down, it's a case of the site being built up.

When there's news I'll pass it on but for now please hang in there.
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