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Blog 'List of Trolls and All-around undesirables'
Added: Sep-12-2012 By: Chuppacobra

Most of us in here at LiveLeak look forward to sharing opinions with others ...... to sort of take the pulse of a larger community, on an international level. But there are many amongst us that simply just want to create static. These are the people that thumb down everyone for no apparent reason.....they respond to comments with a level of hate and venom that is far beyond reasonable. Their argument generally falls back to personal attacks that having nothing at all to do with your original comment on a video in the 1st place.....

Add your favorite LL -thumb stalker, your most memorable attacker, the folks that boast their superior intellect...yet can only seem to spew hate and detailed knowledge of your anatomy or theirs.....;P

To start off, here are a few......

Entry Added: Sep-12-2012 By: Chuppacobra

KimKim -
Kobe -
Atlantic Myst - This angry child hates people in general. We are illegals and need to go back to where we come she says.
Butthawk4life -
Icepack - this guy abuses ownership rights of vids he posts. look through the comments under his vid titled "Payback". look how many comments he has deleted...all because they are too sexual. this guy is as dry as melba toast.
bigair - This one lives up to it's name....big air...and full of it. This troll latches onto you like a tick by flaming a comment you make, trying to get you to defend what you said. This one reads into everything you say in order to spin an argument. Check it's channel comments :)

And a few suggestions from others....
Klassy -
wargypzy -
Corne -
And by the request of the person himself....Travis1991?
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