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Blog 'Exposed Provocateur'
Added: Sep-28-2012 By: d3rp

Okay.Lets start finding some undercover agents in global demontrations ...

Madrid,Spain #25S #26S

Entry Added: Sep-28-2012 By: d3rp

"Today all media have featured in live police charges to the manifestation of "Surround the Congress." They claim that the riot had been forced to intervene with the provocation of some hooded.
They forget to mention that these are mostly masked secret police
infiltrators who throw a bottle as soon as they arrest a protester."

Videos of the clashes outbreak:
1 2 3

"Now watch this video. In the first moments of the same group of hooded men with a red and black flags lead to starting a riot charge. Damn communists. Or anarchists. Or whatever they are.
Well, in fact, what they are is probably the worst theater group that
has been in the police: forward to the time 2:50 and watch those same
hooded sweatshirts and black jeans, dragging a protester to the vicinity
of the vans where UIP in uniform are responsible for pick and make the

Take a look at the first row ... group of guise with black/grey hoodies and flags.

"It should be
clarified that have never been seen in the demonstrations in Madrid
flags of this form or organized groups behind shields, as in this case,
or to attack the police with almost military tactics would be


"In this video
you can see, from the beginning, the ridiculous theater of some with
flags and shields "enfadaos mu" and pretty quiet riot before.
Curious that the moment of greatest tension, in which protesters used
guerrilla techniques to three meters from the police cordon, the riot
police engaged in chat with each other, to divert photographers and to
draw more players to the front lines."



other guise of this group captured again later.


quotes translated from LaRepublica.Es

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  • Yep infiltrators are a big problem but anyone calling them spies is way of the mark. They are indeed agent provocateurs & cause violence and the MSM will focus on (been ordered too) them when they cause trouble & inflame either side of the demonstration. Capturing and then labeling all of the crowd combative natured people.

    This is why a refusal of violent action is the only way to beat the system. Stop or reduce your need to use money. This has a casual effect on the economy, been non More..

    Posted Sep-30-2012 By 

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  • Boycott is far better than bullets for positive action.

    Posted Dec-24-2012 By 

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