Robber shoots himself and clerk at same time

ATLANTA - Hotel security cameras show the unidentified robber walk into the hotel office. The man bought a snack out of a vending machine then walked to the counter and pulled a gun on Vrajesh Patel, 19, according to police.

It appears other customers were not aware of the robbery until the gun fired.

When the gun went off, Patel was hit in the stomach, but at virtually the same time, a second bullet from the gun hits the robber in the head, according to detectives.

The surveillance video showed money flying into the air and smoke hovering over the hotel front desk as a customer scrambled for cover. Then Patel manages to climb up to the counter and call 911.

Patel’s family said he’s expected to make a full recovery. “We feel very blessed because he is very lucky. If you see the video, it was a very bad shooting,” said Patel’s brother, who did not want to be identified.

“Blood was everywhere. I was scared too but more worried about him staying alive.

Authorities were still looking for a man believed to be the gunman's accomplice.


By: Zurm (2231.00)

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