Officer spent 18 months in Syria, explains terrorist tactics for disrupting modern society [Video, ENG Voiceover]

Vasily Pavlov spent year and a half on the ground - in the frontline trenches with the troops, talking to people in the cities, etc. Him & his journalist buddy Andrey Filatov published tons of
video material on the war (they more or less invented the whole "camera
on a tank" genre).

I've translated a lecture they gave on the dangers of modern terrorist tactics. It was given to a paramilitary club, and therefore did not include much PR or sugar-coating of the events.
(lecture starts at 0:50, most interesting part at 10:00)


By: Tatzhit (575.90)

Tags: syria, war, terrorism, ISIS, terror warfare, Vasily Pavlov, Andrey Filatov, tatzhit, Voiceover

Location: Dimashq, Damascus Governorate, Syria

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