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Fiction as a Precursor to Fact: Sci-fi "Predictive Programming" (part Three)

Building the Church of God Galactic

Examining the most promising model for the Church of God Galactic, Bainbridge makes the following recommendation:

“Today there exists one highly effective religion actually derived from science fiction, one which fits all the known sociological requirements for a successful Church of God Galactic. I refer, of course, to Scientology.”
- "Religions for a Galactic Civilization"

Indeed, Scientology meets all the prerequisites for Bainbridge's Church of God Galactic, one of which being the cult's origins with science fiction. Carl Raschke explains:

“L. Ron Hubbard, architect of the controversial religion known as Scientology, openly and consciously decided to convert his science fiction work into a working belief system upon which a "church" was set up.” (303)

As a derivation of science fiction, Scientology inherited a central


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