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'Sticky' Bombs Hit Baghdad

Tough to spot, and easy to emplace, small, magnetic bombs are quickly becoming the militant tool of choice in Iraq.

The so-called "sticky" improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, can be quickly tucked under a car bumper, and held in place by magnets. Which means any vehicle in Iraq can now be turned into a car bomb, or an assassination tool. The driver often has no idea of the deadly modifications to his vehicle. Which makes stopping the bombs that much tougher.

"When you are looking for a sticky bomb, you do not know where to look," an Iraqi checkpoint guard for the private security company Sandi Group recently told Iraqslogger.

He explained that a big part of checkpoint security is to keep a keen eye out for suspicious behavior exhibited by drivers, and to become familiar with the drivers who routinely pass through. "Now," he said, "if there is a sticky bomb attached to the


Added: Nov-14-2008 
By: GI-Gizmo
Iraq, Middle East
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