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"Cocaine One" and "Cocaine Two" – ongoing CIA wholesale drug trafficking…

Compilation of reports regarding:

· "Cocaine One" April 10, 2006 - a plane
busted in a rural airport in the Yucatan, Mexico, with 5.5. tons of cocaine on

· "Cocaine Two" September 24, 2007 - a
plane crash in Yucatan, Mexico, with close to 4 tons of cocaine on board. The
distinctions between Mexican cartels, US government and US banks have been
blurred for a long time...

Points of interest:

· CIA wholesale drug trafficking, which started under
Reagan's "Say no to drugs", and that according to US government
lasted only from 1982-1992, is still going on full blast.

· The absolute refusal of the US government to stop
the "War on Drugs", regardless of objections by the United Nations
and Latin American nations is more comprehensible, given the US government's
stake in the business.

· The fact that all sources are either non-US media,
or US-based alternative media, but no "

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