"Cocaine One" and "Cocaine Two" – ongoing CIA wholesale drug trafficking…

Compilation of reports regarding:

· "Cocaine One" April 10, 2006 - a plane
busted in a rural airport in the Yucatan, Mexico, with 5.5. tons of cocaine on

· "Cocaine Two" September 24, 2007 - a
plane crash in Yucatan, Mexico, with close to 4 tons of cocaine on board. The
distinctions between Mexican cartels, US government and US banks have been
blurred for a long time...

Points of interest:

· CIA wholesale drug trafficking, which started under
Reagan's "Say no to drugs", and that according to US government
lasted only from 1982-1992, is still going on full blast.

· The absolute refusal of the US government to stop
the "War on Drugs", regardless of objections by the United Nations
and Latin American nations is more comprehensible, given the US government's
stake in the business.

· The fact that all sources are either non-US media,
or US-based alternative media, but no "mainstream" media coverage, is
of course also interesting for all those believing that there is Freedom of the
Press in the United States.

· The connections to Reagan and Dubya do not mean
that Corruption is conservative... it is Corruption for Corruption sake.

[1] 00-00-01 96-08-18 CIA Drug Trafficking of Crack Cocaine to Los Angeles County,
By Gary Webb, San Jose Mercury News
[2] 00-00-01 97-12-00 US Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General, December 1997
Special Report:CIA Drug Trafficking to Los Angeles, California s
[3] 10-10-13 Extra Constitutional Zones - Excerpts From Discussion on the OAK Board

CIA Torture Jet crashed with 4 Tons of COCAINE

A Gulfstream II jet that crash landed in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in late
September bearing a load of nearly four tons of cocaine. This particular
Gulfstream II (tail number N987SA), was used between 2003
and 2005 by the CIA for at least three trips between the U.S. east coast and
Guantanamo Bay ­ home to the infamous "terrorist" prison camp ­
according to a number of press reports.



“We’ve all heard the rumors that the CIA are the reason that the United
States/Canada is awash with cocaine…. is it time to connect the dots now that
one of their planes has crash landed with four tons of coke in it?”….

So the Arnprior OPP posted a blurb in the Guide stating “Report drug dealers”. Well shouldn’t we be seeking out
the kingpins in Govt. namely the CIA! The most famous example of Govt.
involvement in drugs (British) was the Opium war in China in the 1800 s.
So on the heels of that here’s extreme example of Govt. gone awry:


CIA Plane Crashes in Mexico

Seventeen months after an
American-registered DC9 airliner was busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine, a major
international scandal is brewing over a
second drug trafficking incident in
Mexico’s Yucatan involving an American-registered jet owned by a dummy
front company of the kind
usually associated with the CIA.

A weekend visit to “Donna
Blue Aircraft Inc” of
Coconut Beach FL., the company which FAA records show owned the
Gulfstream II business jet (N987SA) which crash-landed with 3.7 tons of cocaine
aboard in Mexico’s Yucatan two weeks ago, has revealed that the company’s
listed address is an empty office suite with a blank sign out front.

There was no sign of
Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc., at www.madcowprod.com/donnablue.htm at the Florida Dept. of Corporations,
4811 Lyons Technology Parkway #8 in Coconut Beach FL. …….

However, there were, oddly enough, a
half-dozen unmarked police cars parked
directly in front of the empty suite.


It seems that one of the planes logged on this list of “CIA Prison Planes” has
been in a little accident – It crash landed in Mexico after running out of Jet
fuel en route to the US. The authorities were more than a little surprised when
they found four tons, yes you heard me right, four tons of cocaine on board.

The men flying the plane have disappeared – including one woman, the CIA
refuses to comment, and the mainstream press don’t want to touch the story




Los Angeles, Alta California

October 3, 2007
MEXICO: Jet plane that crashed with 4 tons of cocaine tied to the CIA

On September 24 a Grumman Gulfstream II jet airplane crashed near Cancun,
Mexico with 4 tons of cocaine. The jet plane had been circling around the town
of Tixkokob when it apparently ran out of fuel. Citizens of Tixkokob called
authorities and Mexican army helicopters arrived to find the jet plane in three
pieces and with 4 tons of high grade cocaine.

Mexican authorities have determined that the shipment of cocaine was to be
delivered to Mexican drug cartels and have now focused on who owned the jet
plane. Their preliminary findings of who owned the Gulfstream II jet plane
with, tail number N987SA, now threatens to open up another Iran/Contra - CIA
Crack Cocaine type scandal.

Apparently the same jet plane N987SA was used by the CIA to transport Muslim
prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2003, 2004 and 2005. The CIA is known to
use a number of front corporate entities to hide their operations. Also, when
registering their planes, they utilize a complex series of "change of
ownership" filings with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order
to make it very difficult to trace the true owner of the planes they use in their
The Gulfstream II jet plane with tail number N987SA was initially traced to
William Achenbaum, a wealthy New York real estate tycoon. Mr. Achenbaum says
that the jet plane was being managed by Air Rutter International that according
to the New York Post is owned by Arik Kislin of Long Island in New York (See
New York Posthttp://www.nypost.com/seven/10012007/news/worldnews/crash_jet_had_air_of_mystery.htm ). Kislin and Achenbaum are principals
of the Hotel Gansevoort in New York. (See www.nypost.com/seven/04152007/gossip/pagesix/shady_inn_crowd)
Arik Kislin is the nephew of Semyon Kislin that the Center for Public Integrity
alleges is a powerful Russian Mafia member. (See publicintegrity.org/report.aspx?aid=323 ) The Kislin family have made very
large contributions to the political campaigns of Rudy Giuliani.

William Achenbaum says that he sold the plane in August to a Florida company
called Donna Blue Aircraft run by Brazilians Joao Luiz Malago and Eduardo Dias
Guimaraes. The two Brazilians in turn say that they sold the jet plane on
September 16 to Clyde O’Connor and Greg Smith of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The
Federal Aviation Administration however is saying that it was never informed of
the sales and that they never issued any certificates. (Update: The FAA has now
posted a temporary registration certificate to Donna Blue Aircraft dated
08/31/2007 that was to expire on 09/30/2007 but still no certificate for Clyde
O’Connor or Greg Smith )

Two days after the alleged purchase, the Gulfstream II left Fort Lauderdale to
Cancun, Mexico and then to Río Negro, Colombia. The jet plane loaded with the 4
tons of cocaine than left to Cancun where it crashed on September 24.

The Gulfstream II jet plane (tail number N987SA) travels to and from
Guantanamo, Cuba:

30.05.03 from Oxford, CT (USA) to Guantanamo

30.05.03 from Guantanamo to Washington

12.04.04 from Washington to Guantanamo

20.01.05 from Washington to Guantanamo

20.01.05 from Guantanamo to Washington




WED DEC 12, 2007 AT 04:21 PM PST

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE

This Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA crash landed on September 24, 2007
after it ran out of fuel over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula it had a cargo of
several tons of Cocaine on board now documents have turned up on both sides of
the Atlantic that link thishttp://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20070924-0 Smuggling Gulfstream II jet
aircraft # N987SA that crashed in Mexico to the CIA who used it on at least 3 rendition flights from
Europe and the USA to Guantanamo's infamous torture chambers between 2003 to

Avión usado por la CIA y
la DEA traficaba drogas



/ El Nuevo Herald

Un jet ejecutivo que el gobierno de Estados Unidos usó durante año para extraditar
delincuentes desde Colombia y talibanes desde Europa a la base de Guantánamo,
Cuba, es el mismo que have dos meses se precipitó a tierra en una selvática
zona de la península de Yucatán, México, con un cargamento de 3.3 toneladas de
cocaína que, al parecer, fueron cargadas en Medellín, en donde hizo el último

El avión, un Gluf Stream II, de matrícula norteamericana N987SA, era célebre en Colombia porque durante
años en él fueron embarcados en Bogotá centenares de delincuentes para ser
puestos en poder de la justicia estadounidense.



Bush Fundraiser Linked to CIA Drug Plane


Oct 29, 2007

by Daniel Hopsicker

A MadCowMorningNews investigation has uncovered links between the ownership of
the drug-running Gulfstream (Cocaine Two) and the other American-registered
plane busted carrying a multi-ton load of cocaine in Mexico recently, the DC9
(Cocaine One) airliner caught with 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico 18 months ago.

Recently-released FAA records from the Gulfstream II business jet that went
down in Mexico a month ago with four tons of cocaine reveal that before it was
“parked” in the name of a New York real estate developer with ties to the
Russian Mob, the plane was owned by a secretive Midwestern media baron and
Republican fund-raiser, who had a business partner who, incredibly, owned the
other American drug plane, the DC9, recently busted in Mexico.

Stephen Adams was in business with Miami attorney Michael Farkas, who founded
SkyWay Aircraft, which owned the DC9 busted in Mexico 18 months ago with 5.5
tons of cocaine aboard.

Moreover at the same time the Bush Ranger extraordinaire Stephen Adams owned
the Gulfstream (N987SA) in 1999 and 2000, he was personally buying over $1
million of billboard ads for George W. Bush for his 2000 Presidential election

Meet the New Boss (Same as the old boss.)

According to SEC filings, Stephen Adams and Michael Farkas jointly controlled
Holiday RV Superstores, Inc., which was used by arms merchant and CIA-fixer
Adnan Khashoggi in a complicated securities fraud which stole as much as $300
million from investors and taxpayers.

Khashoggi, under indictment for felony fraud in the case and currently a
fugitive from justice, is himself involved in the DC9 scandal through his
lieutenant Ramy El-Batrawi, also a Farkas business partner, and the former
owner of one of the two twin DC9's used for god only knows what.

The links between recent owners of the two drug planes, discovered during an
examination of FAA registration records, suggest a continuing criminal
conspiracy to engage in massive drug trafficking, involving Republican
fund-raisers Adams and Senator Mel Martinez, Saudi arms dealer Khashoggi,
prominent oligarchs in the Russian Mob, dirty San Diego defense contractor
Titan Corp., as well as elements of American military and civilian

The politically-explosive implications of the scandal may explain why American
officials have been reluctant to move against, or even name, the true owners of
the planes and basically "turned a blind eye" to the American
involvement exposed by the drug trafficking seizures.

"Like hiding the salami, only easier"

Our interest in the FAA records of the Gulfstream had been quickened by the
suspicion that the plane’s several recent ownership changes had been nothing
more than sham transactions, a sophisticated game of “hide the pea” designed to
conceal the aircraft’s true owners.

The registration had rapidly passed through the hands of two Brazilians
operating a dummy front company called Donna Blue Aircraft ( or, for
aficionado’s of the ‘boys’ seemingly endless cleverness in naming front
companies, d/b/a for short ).

The Brazilians then supposedly “flipped” the plane, just two weeks before it
crashed, to Greg Smith and Clyde O’Connor, the pair of hapless pilots, based at
the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, being fitted for “I’m The Patsy!”

Neither of the two pilots, we had soon learned, has the financial wherewithal
to have paid the $2 million in cash claimed by the Brazilian men. But
apparently they didn't need it. Their bill of sale states they bought the
Gulfstream for the princely sum of $100. The usual statement, the one we've seen
in virtually every other FAA bill of sale, states $100, OVA, meaning Or Other
Valuable Consideration. Not this one, though.

Either the boys got the real plane cheap, or no one thought they'd ever be
filing the paperwork. Either way, the New York Post was writing when it
reported that the crashed jet had an "air of mystery."

Who owned the plane? Its "complicated."

Smith later claimed to an aviation executive at the airport that notorious
convicted drug smuggler Don Whittington, for whom both did work as contract
pilots, had engineered the transaction.

And neither of the federal agencies with apparent jurisdiction­the DEA and FAA­has
so far offered any answers about how the American-registered red-white-and-blue
Gulfstream business jet, whose recent owners are politically very
well-connected, could have wound up carrying so much Colombian coke.

Would a $500 million bank heist receive a similar cold shoulder?

And like the story of the American-registered DC9 caught in Mexico carrying 5.5
tons of pure cocaine, the recent Gulfstream crash with 4 tons was almost
completely ignored in the American mainstream media.

And the few media sources who did report the big Mexican bust ended up
scratching their heads and using words like “complex” and increasingly complicated”
to describe the “thorny” issue of who owned the plane.

“The complex sale of the Gulfstream II jet and its end in the Mexican jungle
highlight the increasingly complicated illicit drug trade,” read the McClatchy
Newspapers’ account on September 29, 2007.

On the other hand, the two McClatchy reporters virtually glow with a passionate
certainty about whose cocaine had been on the plane. It belonged to Mexico's
most notorious drug trafficker, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Guzman, a man with a $5 million bounty on his head in Mexico, is presumably
sitting in for Pedro Escobar, who is too dead to be blamed with any

"Where have you gone, Pablo Escobar?"

But all accounts agree that the plane’s journey began in Rio Negro, Colombia,
which is the international airport for Colombia’s famous city of Medellin.

Medellin today is controlled by Colombia’s current President Alvaro Uribe, long
suspected of “involvement” in the drug trade in the same way that New England
Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady is suspected of “involvement” in the NFL.

And speaking of Escobar, a recently declassified 1991 American intelligence
report by the Defense Intelligence Agency on Colombia's biggest drug
traffickers says that President Alvaro Uribe, today a staunch ally in
Washington's war against drug trafficking, was at that time a close associate
of Escobar, Colombia's most powerful drug lord, as well as an ally of other
cocaine traffickers then engulfing his country.

Making the list with Escobar and Uribe were familiar names like former
Panamanian president Manuel Noriega, currently jailed in Miami on
drug-trafficking charges, and... Saudi arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi.

Thus it should come as no surprise that more cynical observers view with
suspicion the fact that the ownership of the American-registered plane has
apparently become a bit of a sticky wicket.

Yet another mystery for the ages.
And it will likely remain one, unless the scandal grows to the point where the
public demands answers, or some unexpected event occurs, like the Mafia’s
Appalachin Conference in upstate New York in 1956, where a conclave of Mob
bosses was underway when it was discovered and penetrated­not by the FBI’s J
Edgar Hoover, who denied the Mafia even existed­but by an alert New York State
American academics like Dr. Alfred McCoy have led the way in pointing out the
hypocritical attitude nurtured by U.S. officials. Peter Moskos, for example, a
professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York and a former
police officer, says it is hard to fathom how perhaps billions of dollars could
be handled by the drug cartels without high-level players on U.S. soil.

"There has to be someone on this side making the big bucks off it ­ it is
not the low-level drug dealer on the corner," Moskos said.

Still, no one has had the temerity to point towards the power circles around
current President George W Bush as a likely place to look for an American Tony
Montana, the Miami drug baron portrayed by Al Pacino in the classic movie

But help may be coming from an unlikely source.

Repeat after me: "There is no American Mr. Big. "

The bemusement of leaders and newspapers in Latin America about the hypocrisy
foisted on Americans by their feckless press has taken on an increasingly sharp

When the U.S. government talks about cocaine cartels operating in Mexico or
Colombia, officials tick off the names of the foreign drug lords, their
preferred smuggling routes, and sometimes even the tattoos they sport.

But when it comes to what is going on in the United States ­ the world's
biggest consumer of illegal drugs ­ U.S. federal agents and police deny that an
American Mr. Big even exists.

"Where is the Pablo Escobar of Texas," Colombian Vice President
Francisco Santos, who was once kidnapped by Escobar, said on a recent visit to
Houston. "I would love to know."

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox shared Santos' concern. "That is the
question I always ask myself," Fox said recently during a speaking tour of
the U.S. “Who permits the drugs to cross the border, and who transports the
drugs to the markets of this great nation?"

We don't know either, but we have our suspicions.

The recently-busted drug running Gulfstream has been linked to CIA renditions.

The DC9 flew painted with a bogus but official-looking Seal, as if it were from
the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, without protest from the Coast Guard’s
major air facility in the Caribbean Basin, which was located just a few hundred
yards away.

Thus both planes had a drug trafficking edge: the Gulfstream from being known
to have flown CIA renditions and the DC9 from being painted to impersonate a
plane from U.S. Homeland Security.

From our earlier series on the seized DC9:

“The DC9 airliner dubbed “Cocaine One” actually “belongs” to an older and much
larger organization than SkyWay, composed of individuals whose association with
one another pre-date both SkyWay’s 2002 inception and 2005 demise.”

Alas, the revelation is not new, as shown by a newspaper quote from 1989 about
the Iran Contra Scandal...

“It was reported in Senate hearings in 1988 that many pilots used by U.S.
government officials to transport arms to the contras were also known drug
smugglers. Drug pilots George Morales and Gary Betzner testified to landing planeloads
of arms for the contras in Costa Rica and then returning to the United States
with planeloads of drugs.

“Both of these men also testified to landing at Fort Lauderdale Executive
Airport in Florida and at Ilopango Air Base in El Salvador with U.S. protection
- even during the period that they were also smuggling drugs.”

Nothing new under the sun...

It is apparent that the ‘boys” are still using the Fort Lauderdale Executive
Airport. And perhaps, instead of using weapons flights to provide protection,
they may now be using the transfer of prisoners to the American naval base in
Guantanamo, Cuba to cover their trips to Colombia.

Ignition. Rendition. Perdition.

Ever wonder where all the money goes?

Other than the odd million here or there, that is, for billboards for George W.







interview with Daniel Hopsicker:




Problems Emerge with "Former" Owner's Story '


June 5 2006--Venice,FL.

by Daniel Hopsicker

Eight weeks after Mexican soldiers at a rural airport in the Yucatan discovered
5.5 tons of cocaine onboard an American-registered DC9 painted to resemble
aircraft from the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, Mexican and U.S. law
enforcement officials seem no closer to publicly identifying either the owner
of the plane, or the tons of cocaine.

Some suggest they may not be trying very hard. If true, this is yet another
indication that suspicions of CIA involvement in the drug flight are on target.
In fact, in the strange brew of companies through whose hands the twin DC9's
have passed, we will soon see even more unmistakable signs of companies known
to be CIA fronts and people considered to be Bush Family retainers.

Even so, our suggestion that CIA involvement in an imbroglio over 5.5 tons of
cocaine led to Porter Goss’ surprise resignation as CIA Director just a few
weeks later provoked someone to chastise us for not offering proof.

CIA involvement is the proof that Porter Goss, had been placed in an
embarrassing and ultimately untenable position, and that he was sacked for
committing what is regarded as the cardinal sin...

Goss, a spook extraordinaire since the Bay of Pigs fiasco, was (finally) caught

"Starting at power forward for your American Drug Lords..."

Especially before the scandal potentially grows out of hand, this seems grounds
for dismissal, even among the jaded keepers of well-tended Cayman Island

Losing 5.5 tons of cocaine on an airliner traceable to your Government Agency
certainly does not appear to have been, for Mr. Goss, an especially good career

And there's potentially much worse to come... A probe into the tangled skein of
companies and individuals in what has clearly been a continuing operation
lasting at least a decade has revealed glimpses of what until now has been the
most elusive species on Earth:

The American Drug Lords.

How is it possible that the owner of a DC9 airliner caught with 5 tons of
cocaine can remain hidden for two months? The untimely bust came at a certain
low ebb for the owner/operators of "Cocaine One." This
favorable conjunction of the stars is about to allow a privileged glimpse into
corruption so vast it can only be what Prof Peter Dale Scott called the
"deep politics" of what sociologists refer to as
"state-sponsored crime."

Pull up a chair.

Going way way wrong at the worst possible time

“The Feds have never wanted to clean up the sloppy way airplanes are
registered,” one aircraft broker told us. “Registering a plane with the FAA is
just a joke. They don’t even make you use a tax I.D. number or social security
number to register a plane. You don’t even have to have your signature

"The result is that nobody can ever tell with any certainty what the hell
is going on. Apparently that's the way they like it.”

Since April 11, the day things went way wrong in a small town in the Mexican
state of Campeche, the mystery of the plane’s ownership has only deepened.

Recently the last registered American owner of the DC9, Frederic Geffon of
Royal Sons Inc insisted he bore no responsibility at all for the plane’s recent

In a May 5, 2006 interview with the Tampa Tribune following up a story they'd
run the previous day, Geffon said he sold the plane 10 days before it was
seized by Mexican authorities, to a man named Jorge Corrales, who he identified
as a Simi Valley, Calif., aircraft broker.

But the MadCowMorningNews has learned that there is a problem with Geffon’s
explanation: The California “aircraft broker” who Geffon says bought the
aircraft(N900SA)­for resale to a client identified only as a “Venezuelan
company”­does not appear to be in the business of buying and selling planes.

Tangled Web City, Next Exit

A LEXIS-NEXIS newspaper database search yielded no mention of Corrales and
Associates. A Google search failed to find an aircraft broker named George or
Jorge Corrales, or a Corrales and Associates.

A visit to the three major online venues used to sell airplanes confirmed the
assertion… We could find no evidence indicating that Jorge “George” Corrales is
an aircraft broker

A search for broker/dealers selling McDonnell Douglas DC9’s in California at
The Controller, for example, reveals just three DC9’s for sale, from just two

An aircraft dealer at the Venice Airport told us, “There is a very small group
of people involved in the market for jet airliners world-wide. If you had a
party and invited every DC9 buyer in the world you could easily fit them all
inside my hanger.”

OK Aviation is the listing broker for two of the three DC9’s currently for sale
in California.

So we called OK Aviation's owner, Jack Kendall. He knew the other DC9 dealers
in the state, he told us. No, he'd never heard of George Corrales or Corrales
& Associates.

Maybe the paperwork is still in the mail

A search for aircraft brokers and dealers in California at Trade-A-Plane
reveals no listing for Corrales & Associates. And it’s a free listing.

A check of ASO’s list of Southern California aircraft brokers and dealers
turned up a Titan Aviation in San Diego, we were interested to learn, as well
as an Air America Inc.

But no Corrales and Associates.

Frederic Geffon told the Tampa Tribune he sold “Cocaine One” to an aircraft
brokerage which apparently doesn’t even exist.

The Tampa Tribune story quoted FAA spokesman Roland Herwig stating that the FAA
received a copy of a letter from Royal Sons, dated April 7, asking that the
plane be exported to Venezuela and that the FAA officially took Royal Sons'
name off the books three days after the cocaine bust.

"We don't get involved with the sale of aircraft, only their registration
or deregistration," Herwig told the Tribune.

Geffon himself, while insisting that the plane with 5.5 tons of coke wasn’t
his, was otherwise suspiciously close-mouthed.

Who you gonna believe...Me? Or your lying eyes?

Apparently Geffon knows all the words to the hit song “It Wasn’t Me.”

But not much else... “Geffon provided the Tampa Tribune with a copy of what he
says is a bill of sale he turned over to his title company,” the paper
reported. “It had no information about the purchaser.”

Corrales "did not want me to know" who bought the aircraft "and
I didn't care anyway," Geffon said.

Corrales contradicted this statement. He said that he did not know why Geffon
claims not to know who purchased the DC-9. He said Geffon absolutely knew who
had purchased the aircraft.

When people lie, its almost always for a reason...

“It was a Venezuelan company,” Corrales told the Tampa Tribune. “Royal Sons got
a crew that flew the aircraft" to Venezuela, and obtained the permits
needed to fly the plane out of the country.

Geffon denied it. He said he only "hired someone to find a flight crew to
take it down there."

Frederic Geffon was having no trouble resisting the urge to fall all over
himself clearing up any misunderstandings...

'Men in Europe' may be difficult to assemble all at once

"Geffon would not identify that individual, saying only that the man is in
Europe and unavailable for comment,” the paper reported. “Corrales, who owns
Corrales and Associates, disagrees.”

Although the paper didn’t say so, it was a classic Mexican stand-off.

And, as the Tampa Tribune’s Howard Altman noted wryly, the Federal Aviation
Administration was not about to untangle the knot.

Still, compared with the little information which has managed to trickle out
about the case, Altman's story contains a major scoop:

“A man in Europe unavailable for comment” has the answers to who owned the
massive cocaine haul.

All we need do to find the owner of “Cocaine One” is take all the males on the
European Continent, subtracting those who are available for comment, to
give us the subset of "Men in Europe" in whose ranks today can almost
certainly be found the man who knows who was using a DC9 tricked out to
resemble a U.S. Government plane to smuggle tons of cocaine.

That was simple. All we need now is a stadium big enough to sort them all out.

I have no comment on my no comment

More bad news for the now rapidly-emerging official story: There is no Corrales
& Associates in California.

The 'supposed' aircraft broker who bought the DC9 in the nick of time from
people in St Petersburg FL has been “suspended” from operation for several
years by the California Division of Corporations.

Thus, Corrales & Associates cannot legally do business in the state of

However, there is a Jorge Corrales, or rather a George Corrales, listed in the
Simi Valley phone books. We phoned to ask if he had any proof that he buys and
sells airplanes for a living.

“Mr. Corrales, we’ve been unable to find any evidence that you are in the
business of buying and selling airplanes,” we began. “Can you point to anything
to prove you are?”

“I have no comment at this time,” he told us tersely.

Why is that? Who did you sell the DC9 to in Venezuela?

“I can’t comment on that.”

“Aren’t you leaving yourself open to charges that you yourself may be involved
in drug trafficking? If you get arrested for running 5 tons of cocaine...will
you have a comment then?”

There was a loud click. The line went dead. We thought:

How very rude.

A murky mystery; A "great deal of concern"

Hovering at all times at the edge of the 5.5 ton cocaine scandal is the company
responsible for painting twin DC9's in what clearly appears to have been a
deliberate deception: SkyWay Aircraft.

Next we will learn about the founder of what became SkyWay Aircraft, Miami
attorney Michael Farkas. But we can't resist teasing the story a little bit

Farkas, as you might well imagine, isn't just anyone... For example, he
currently owns a North Miami company which wants to market Israeli antimissile
defense systems to U.S. aircraft manufacturers, after obtaining rights to a
system developed by a subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel's
biggest defense contractor.

But before engaging in the popular sport of blaming the Jews it might be useful
to recall that we've already seen Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi's
involvement. Oddly enough, fifteen of SkyWay Aircraft's biggest investors are
from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. One of them even appears to be the head of the
Kuwaiti National Guard.

While presiding over SkyWay’s bankruptcy, Federal Judge Paul M. Glenn said,
"I have a great deal of concern about this case. There is a great deal we
don't know."

Two years ago, Judge Glenn called this case "murky.”

Since then, very little appears to have changed.

NEXT (FINALLY): An ultra-nationalist Israeli party & the head of the
Kuwaiti National Guard

REF: madcowprod.com/

SOURCE: tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2006/06/cocaine_one_dc9.html

_____________ &
5.5 tons of cocaine


April 24 2007

CIA and Narco-Republicans

by Daniel Hopsicker,911 truthie

The first anniversary of the April 10 2006 seizure in Mexico’s Yucatan
of a American-registered DC9 caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine passed
virtually unnoticed last week. It shouldn’t have...

Porter Goss resigned less than a month later, the same day the FBI executed a
search warrant at the house of the No. 3 official in the Central Intelligence
Agency, Kyle
“Dusty” Foggo, soon to go on trial for corruption with accomplice
Brent Wilkes.

Not since the downing of a C-130 military cargo plane over Nicaragua in 1986
with Eugene Hasenfus onboard­kicking off the Iran Contra Scandal­has an
aviation incident been remotely as important or as fraught with significance.

And not since the massive cocaine smuggling through Mena, Arkansas has the
CIA’s hand been so flagrantly caught in the cookie jar.

Shocking details come as no surprise

In a series of stories beginning today, and continuing over the next ten days,
the www.madcowprod.com/index.htm will report the results of a year-long
investigation into the secret history of this operation.

Some of the highlights include:

SkyWay Aircraft of St Petersburg, FL., the company
which owned the DC9 airliner stuffed to the top of the overhead bins with
cocaine, was a CIA front.

SkyWay’s genesis can be traced to In-Q-Tel Inc., a
secretive, Arlington, Va., investment group owned, operated, and financed out
of the black box budget of the Central Intelligence Agency.

SkyWay was part of a network of companies, three of which­L-3 Communications, Net Command Tech Inc, and Triton
Network Systems Inc.­ were
cited by Elliot Spitzer, then the Attorney General of New York State, for being
used by Wall Street brokers in “pump
and dump” schemes which
cost unwary investors tens
of millions of dollars.

The suspicious involvement of L-3 Communications
subsidiary Titan Corp of San Diego, the biggest donor to Southern California
Congressmen convicted or being investigated by fired San Diego U.S. Attorney
Carol Lam.

The Israeli connection to SkyWay, including the
involvement of an Israeli tele-com firm, Tadiran, accused of being involved in
worldwide espionage, and which owned the headquarters of SkyWay in Clearwater, Florida.

The involvement of Gulf Arab financiers, including an
overseas bank, Banque
Francaise de l'Orient, long associated with the Saudi bin Laden family.

Evidence of Republican party involvement in the
network, which included the free use of one of the smuggling aircraft by the
current head of fund-raising for the national Republican party, U.S. Senator
Mel Martinez, who "traveled to nighttime rallies in luxury," the St. Petersburg Times
reported, “on a DC-9
owned by Skyway Global, a Clearwater security company whose owners are Martinez

Still more
shocking details
Over the next ten days, we’ll present evidence for each of these heady claims,
and attempt to find the answer to what is still a major mystery:

Why haven’t U.S. authorities arrested the owners of an
American-registered plane busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine?

The story began here:

The drug trafficking operation was flying an airliner carrying 128 suitcases...but
no passengers. There was
no attempt to camouflage their activity.

Mexican soldiers unloaded the American-registered DC9, whose cargo consisted of
128 identical black suitcases stuffed with cocaine, onto the hot asphalt runway
in Cuidad del Carmen, an out of the way airport nestled in the middle of the
Yucatan jungle.

In what may have been someone’s idea of a joke, each suitcase bore a stamp on
its side, with the single word“Privado.”

The DC9 sported a distinctive Seal on its fuselage: blue-and-white with
gold trim surrounding an eagle clutching twin olive branches, making it
virtually indistinguishable from official U.S. Government planes belonging to
the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

Even veteran plane-spotters were fooled.

Walking on water
in Tampa

was perhaps not much of a stretch: SkyWay’s Chairman, Glenn Kovar, boasted of
long-standing ties to the CIA. And today he and his son are operating another
front company called “Homeland
Security Tracking Enforcement.”

Although owned by SkyWay, the airliner was registered toRoyal
Sons Inc., a company controlled by an aircraft broker from Tampa, FL.
named Frederic Geffon.

Geffon partnered with SkyWay in the company’s three planes, two DC9’s
and a Cessna, then illegally appropriated them when SkyWay went bankrupt in
2005, to the annoyance of SkyWay’s Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, who filed suit
to get the planes returned.

“Geffon was under court order to not let the planes leave the St
Petersburg-Clearwater Airport,” stated a source close to the Bankruptcy
proceedings. “The Airport Tower had even been ordered not to let the plane take

"Geffon was in direct violation of the court order when that DC9 took off
for Venezuela,” the source stated last week.

Yet Frederic Geffon has suffered no legal sanction at all, either for violating
the court order, or for owning a plane busted with a plane filled with a
box-car's worth of cocaine, evidence that, legally speaking, Frederic Geffonwalks
on water.

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