Does never-before-seen Phoenix Lights Footage show an Identifiable Hale Bopp/Heaven's Gate Kraft? (

The Phoenix Lights X

Ten years ago, what some call one of the most significant UFO sightings in North America took place right here ... all in Phoenix.

Original story:

Let's begin with what we know for sure. Let's begin with the story back then.

Back in 1997, nearly everyone with video, photos or a story to tell about "The Phoenix Lights" turned to Jim Dilettoso and Michael Tanner at Village Labs in Tempe. After all that time, Dilettoso at last released video of "The Intruder", as shown in our special, The Phoenix Lights: X.

But there's more.

At least one more video exists, showing what appear to be mystery lights moving over Phoenix. The difference in this tape: Dilettoso says a pilot from Luke Air Force Base captured the images with a camera in his cockpit, as he pursued the lights over Maricopa County. While the video is not yet released to the public, Dilettoso does describe it exclusively for us. ?
- video encodings still in process -