I hate them,you probably do too....RED LIGHT RUNNERS,police video

CCTV:Watch out for number 2!...Last year more than two dozen municipalities monitored dangerous intersections. And what the cameras have
captured, police say should be enough to convince drivers that they're in place for safety.

Police Chiefs from around the Metro area compiled videos from the top 10 most dangerous red light running violations for 2008.

We'll show you several starting with number 10...on St. Charles rock road in St. Ann.

The light is clearly red, but the driver continues to blow through the light.

Number six is from Florrisant on Lindbergh Boulevard and Lindsey Lane.

Watch as the light transitions to red.

The driver in the left lane is stopped...moments later a u-haul barrels through the intersection and runs the light....putting everyone in jeopardy.

Number three is in Hazelwood at Lindbergh and Elm Grove.

It's pouring rain. The white car runs the light. Not even breaking until its through the intersection. Other drivers are forced to scramble out of the way.

The most dangerous red light running intersection is in the City at Martin Luther King Drive and North Taylor.

A green SUruns the light. Slams into the school bus and pushes it through the intersection. This video comes as lawmakers are trying to ban red light cameras. This week State Senator Jim Lembke introduced a bill on behalf of Missourians against red light cameras.

They want to make it illegal to use automated cameras to enforce traffic violations.

Police say many intersections with cameras have seen a 70 percent decrease in violations. We didn't show you all of the violations.