NewTown Clerk Illegally Withholding Sandy Hook Death Certificates

Newtown seeks to deny Media access to Sandy Hook Victim death Certificates.
The Media is still yet to get any actual hard proof of the children's death and practically begging for evidence now. The Connecticut FOI Act;amp;Q=507660


My opinion. Article and link follows.

This is a major violation of the Freedom of Information Act. They are in the process of trying to make it illegal for anyone to access underage Death Certificates ever since the media and everyone wanted to see the Certificates as proof. So the media said "Well, you cannot keep them from us. That is against the law..."

We are being denied to see the death certificates to prove that children actually died in Sandy Hook.
At this time, there are no actual photos of them dead, body bags, or videos of them in the school. The media is just simply requesting proof while they refuse to allow the Media access to the death certificates. They say "We are going to hold them in the mean time "Until" we make it illegal"...

Which is complete Bullshit and not allowed. Some say the certificates do not even exist.
How come for the first time ever, they are trying to cover up the Death Certificates? We did not do this for any other children who died in previous events. Why are they so god dam obsessed with wanting it illegal??? Just show us the fucking proof and everyone will stop saying that the kids never existed. Or is it because they are trying to cover it up and there are no real death certificates?

You decide.