EXPOSED - George Zimmerman Painting Ebay Fraud Fake Lying Painting Scam

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LINK TO George Zimmerman Ebay Auction;amp;amp;amp;hash=item19e66a847a#shpCntId

Just a short video of me exposing George Zimmermans so called original painting that he put on Ebay. It's one thing to rip someones artwork, but it's another thing to claim it as your original and on top of that get paid Over 100,000 US Dollars for it.

Do what you can to spread this video and expose this guy. He should apologize for claiming it as an original piece of art. Also give credit to the original creator of the art piece.

I didn't want to do research on the flag art but just a quick reverse image search. Clearly shows the graphic/image he used is copyrighted.;amp;amp;id=74692756

American flag

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Image ID: 74692756

Release Information: N/A

Copyright: AWEN art studio

Here's their website!home

Also Their Twitter @awenart