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Islam a retarded Religion? Think Twice - Mindblowing Scientific Miracles of the Quran

For the islam haters who will post their hate comments before even reading this:

I love you 2

(to read this text with the provided scientific pictures (wich I couldn't copy with the text) visit this link

The Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an


Fourteen centuries ago, God sent down the Qur'an to mankind as a book of guidance. He called upon people to be guided to the truth by adhering to this book. From the day of its revelation to the day of judgement, this last divine book will remain the sole guide for humanity.

The matchless style of the Qur'an and the superior wisdom in it are definite evidence that it is the word of God. In addition, the Qur'an has many miraculous attributes proving that it is a revelation from God. One of these attributes is the fact that a number of scientific truths

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