Shovel Girl Miranda Fugate Interview After Getting Hit With A Shovel

Shovel Girl Calls Out Sharkeisha + Interview After Getting Hit With A Shovel For The 1st Time & Wants A Rematch! (Now Deaf In 1 Ear & Has A Concussion) [12 Min Audio]

An Ohio teen nicknamed "shovel girl" is the talk of the web this week thanks to a viral fight video in which she is seen taking a shovel to the back of her head.

Miranda Lynn Fugate, 15, of Springfield, Ohio, has confirmed via Twitter and Vine that she was unharmed in the incident, but millions of those who've seen the video still have questions about the fight: Why did it happen? Was it real? Is shovel girl even alive?

Here's how it all went down.

On May 4, a Vine user named Josh Officer uploaded a six-second clip of what appeared to be two young women in a fight. One of the girls hits the other (later identified as Fugate) in the back of her head with a large metal shovel before the video ends.

The post garnered more than half a million tweets from Vine alone within 48 hours.

An extended eight-minute version of video called "Girl Gets Hit In The Head With Shovel During Fight" was uploaded to YouTube on May 5 by a user named gumbo.

Deemed "the best comedy and action movie of the year" by Deadspin, the YouTube video was viewed more than one million times before it was removed from the site.

The full version of the video is still available to view on and on Worldstar Hip Hip, where more than 3.1 million people have now watched it.

After achieving much success on Twitter, Vine and Reddit (as fight videos often do), "shovel girl" parodies began flooding the web — one of the most popular being a Vine by Zachary Butler which re-cut the original video to Kendrick Lamar's 2012 song M.A.A.D. City.

On May 5, Fugate tweeted at Worldstar Hip Hop identifying herself as the now infamous "shovel girl," writing "IM THE GIRL that got hit in the head with the shovel lolXDD yall made me famous for getting hurt lmaoXDD."

Later that day, she tweeted "My Facebook name is Miranda Lynn!! Yes I got hit with a shovel. No my name's not shovel girl."

Fugate's Twitter account was suspended as of May 6, but screenshots of the account show that she had changed her bio to read "Yes I'm the one who got hit with a shovel" before it was removed.

Fugate appeared to be taking her new-found notoriety in stride until reports began swirling that she had died during the fight.

Started by a satirical news site called Huzlers, the rumour that "shovel girl" had died spread like wildfire online. Soon, the #RIPShovelGirl and #RIPMiranda hashtags were used in countless messages from teens giving their condolences.

Clarification (for those who missed the fact that Huzlers is a satire site) came by way of another Vine video published on the same account as the original, featuring an alive and well shovel girl.

The veracity of the fight, which was premeditated according to the extended clip, has not been confirmed.

That hasn't stopped Fugate from rising up the ranks of internet stardom, however. Her Twitter handle had racked up nearly 25,000 Twitter followers before it was suspended.

Many are now drawing comparisons between "shovel girl" and "Sharkeisha," the star of another fight video that went viral in November.