Popular German Comedian Ridicules US Propaganda

This is taken from a very popular “fake news” German comedy show. The host is Christian Ehring.

This is very telling, because it illustrates two things:

1.Europeans are simply not buying US propaganda about the Ukraine. In fact, the propaganda is turning into a liability for the US.

2. Ehring very effectively debunks the following:

US claims that Russia fired rockets into the Ukraine. He points out, quite rightly, that this looks more like a government disinformation op than a serious allegation, eerily reminiscent of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

US claims that the Ukrainian Resistance shot down MH17.

Western media claims that the Resistance vandalized the crash site.

Western media claims that the brutality on the Maidan originated from the police.

The segment has one very shocking sequence, (forward to 3 min, 22 seconds) where they show the famous photo of the Resistance soldier holding up a child's stuffed toy. This image was presented on front pages around theworld as a cold-blooded killer holding up his trophy. The picture is taken from video, which Ehring shows, and one can clearly see that the man is shocked and distressed by what he found. He removes his hat, crosses himself, and shakes his head in sadness.

The apparent dishonesty of much of the European media and political establishment about the crash is growing into a major political headache for European governments. To make matters worse, they used the misinformation to ram through tougher sanctions, which are now unexpectedly causing economic pain at home, while Russia actually stands to benefit from them.