Bodycam Shows Female Shoplifter Bloodied During Arrest

Port Richey, FL - Body cam video has been released of a suspected shoplifter being taken to the ground by a Pasco County sheriff's deputy in Wesley Chapel.

The suspect was walking out of a Bealls department store when she was approached by the deputy who suspected her of shoplifting.Now she has staples in her head — and marks around her neck

“I’m all bruised up banged up everywhere,” says Tiffany Tebo, who was arrested for shoplifting.

All from the aftermath she says of her arrest last Friday afternoon.

“He’s a bigger man. He didn’t need to do any of that,” says Tebo.

On the officer's body cam video you can hear him yell to Tebo to put her hands behind her back.

When she doesn’t comply, she’s pushed up against a wall, then taken to the ground.

“He had a hold of me. He could’ve just put handcuffs on me. There was no reason to throw me down to the ground,” says Tebo.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco stands by the deputy’s actions.

trying to put handcuffs on her, she’s trying to fight. I know people
will say she’s tiny but a lot of tiny people cause harm,” says Nocco.He says if she would’ve complied none of this would’ve happened.

Nocco says this is proof that body cams show what really happened.

For Tebo, she says it’s proof the force taken wasn’t necessary.

“I still can’t believe I was arrested but I can’t believe I got this to go with it,” says Tebo.


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