Idiots Hassling a Pizza Delivery Guy

(Hopefully) FINAL UPDATE:

I've received a lot of messages and I want to clear up a few misconceptions and answer some of your questions.

I found the video by using Google's site search with a few boolean expressions pointed at Youtube. That's my standard routine for discovering videos. There were about 5-6 negative comments and it had been up for a couple of days.

The video was posted on Frank Correiro's account. There was no description, but included a canned message from the IP cam manufacturer that read something like, "This is my eyes and ears when I'm out of the office, click here to find out more", with a link to the cam manufacturer's website. I'm adding this because Frank is saying the video was stolen and posted by his IT guy. That doesn't fly when it was on HIS account and posted from within HIS software.

I have absolutely nothing to do with the Gofundme account. A local woman saw the video, created an account and contacted the pizza guy's wife. They chatted by phone and she has given her approval. You can read the details of that yourself on her Alternately, you can donate via Paypal to her email address:

My role in this is as follow:

I saw a video that pissed me off. I thought it might piss you off too, so I posted it here thinking we'd all rage amongst ourselves and be done with it. I walked off to chat with my wife, came back and discovered the gaping maw of hell had been opened.

That's the sum of my involvement.

At 6am and without a description, I got the transaction details wrong. If you want clarification on the dollar amounts involved, here are a few links below:

My thoughts on this post are mixed. I think what was done against pizza guy, and more importantly the way it was done, was vile and reprehensible. However, it was never my intention that the wrath of hell be brought down on the business owner. It is what it is, and what was done was done by folks responsible for their own actions. The video itself generated indignation and that brought about the resulting wrath. So, ultimately this was all initiated by the business owner himself.

Some people are now questioning if the money collected on behalf of pizza guy outweighs the wrong. You're damn right it has, but that is not the correct way to perceive this outflow of cash and empathy for one guy's plight. The fact is, the amounts given are small and an expression of each of us individually. That is the matter which is of concern to us as individuals. The larger total amount is our concern only in that when combined, together we have made a difference in one man's life and that of his family. That makes each of us a better person. Money can't buy that.

Or, to put it another way.....

For as little as a few bucks, you changed a life and in agreement together we made a difference.

Also, Hayden owes me a Premium account for generating all the new signups ;)

The link.



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