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Iberomesornis : Bird Transitional Fossil


"The first avian species found at Las Hoyas was Iberomesornis romerali, a sparrow-sized small animal (Figure 2) whose mass has been estimated (6) between 15 and 20 g. The specimen is almost complete, lacking the skull and the anterior cervical vertebrae. Iberomesornis is characterised by a singular combination of traits, including some primitive ones, present in the non avian theropods, like a sacrum composed of five vertebrae, tarsal not fused to the tibia or to the metatarsals, and lacking any evidence of metatarsal fusion. Along with these symplesiomorfic features, Iberomesornis shares with modem birds a number of evolutionary novelties: a derived, modem avian furcula, with a low interclavicular angle, strut-like coracoids, and a series of free caudal vertebrae (eight in number) and a large pygostyle composed by the fusion of 10-15 vertebrae (7-9) (Figure

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