Iran -- 100 Years of Hisotry in 10 MINUTES , Rare Footages

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0:17 Qajar last king announces bankruptcy of Iran and resignation from the power.
0:24 First Natural gas reserve found in Iran during Reza Shah Pahlavi I
1:10 , The day Reza Shah I started his trip around country to secure the borders and form the states of country ( He starting writing his book the same year )
1:15 First contract of Rail and gravel roads to be built by Germans
1:22 Finished rail road and the first mean of transportation that reached all the major cities of Iran
1:30 Bridge of Victory finished ( Veresk )
1:31 First Border Patrol team
1:42 First uniformed, schooled military officers
1:48 Navy of Iran formed
1:53 Tehran meeting ( Churchill , Roosevelt , Stalin and Reza shah )
1:55 Young Shah Pahlavi II, The Crown Prince
1:58 first map of Tehran with districts
2:03 Bazaar and first taxi
2:09 the day that wearing Hijab with force was considered against the law and education for women became necessary
2:15 250th hospital was made and vaccination was mandatory for all
2:18 First Power generator used on the first dam of Iran
2:40 First day of Shahanshah ( King of the kings ) in Power
2:50 Mosadegh who wanted to over thrown the shah and turn Iran to a communist country
2:51 Mosadegh in Court in Communists party uniform
2:55 First Airforce Bomber
2:58 The first Atomic Reactor construction agreement with US
3:08 Iran the first military power of middle east and to be the 4th Largest military
3:25 purchase of 127 F5/A ; 177 F4 Phantom II ; 60 Thunderbolt ,22 Dakota, 34 F84 ;43 C-130H ; 32 F4D ;
3:37 Khomeini Started to protest against the shah and trying to make Hijab mandatory and ban women from schools
3:41 Khomeini Arrested and exiled to Paris
3:54 Return of Khomeini to Iran
4:22 Palestinian militia escorting Khomeini to Tehran , brought in by extremists
4:50 Khomeini was given permission to start a campaign
5:04 People killed by order of Khomeyni
5:10 Oil tankers of Iran hijacked and burned
5:14 Collapse of bridges during Iran-Iraq war
5:20 Little kids used as mine sweepers in war
5:22 brainwashed kids
5:27 Addiction in streets of Tehran
5:36 Hoveyda the last prime minister who was shot dead in court by a mullah
5:41 Generals of Army sentenced to death ( everyone colonel and up )
5:45 Nojeh Coup pilots who attempted to kill Khomeini
5:47 Arafat , Beheshti , Rafsanjani In Tehran party to thank Palestinian militia for executions
5:50 Toudeh ( a branch of communist ) party , all promised to get position and executed a few month after revolution
5:56 Khameneyi in Power after Khomeini death
6:02 Mass executions of army officials
6:20 Start of Iran-Iraq war by Saddam Husein
.......Khomeini speech .....
6:59 stoning of a woman and a man
7:01 sharia law and amputation of hands
7:12 woman hanged in public
7:20 public executions
7:44 - 24 executions at the same time in public
8:00 Kavousifar execution
8:06 Students uprising
8:37 Akbar mohamadi , died in prison out of torture and hunger
8:34 Ahmadinejad promises a democracy and freedom
9:03 Hijab enforcement
9:05 guy arrested and beaten for having " Western " hair style

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Power to the people of Iran

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