Pro-Moscow Propagandist Reveals Russian Tanks On Debaltsevo Front Line.


Graham Phillips, a notorious British propagandist who records videos for several Russian state-owned media outlets, including RT (via their Ruptly agency) and the Ministry of Defence's Zvezda channel, has posted a video report from "the front lines, by Debaltsevo."

As Phillips waffles on about the absence of a ceasefire, you can see something rather more interesting behind him:

These are Russian tanks.

They can be identified as such by two distinguishing features:

Firstly, their Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armour (ERA), which consists of large, angled pairs of plates around the turret.

Secondly, their Sosna-U sights:

The Sosna-U was only introduced to the T-72B series, on the B3, in 2013. These are therefore, not captured Ukrainian tanks in separatist hands, but the latest Russian tanks, likely manned by Russian troops or at least handed over to specially-trained local separatists.

This is not the first time have been, but it is always impressive when a propagandist for the Kremlin hands us such wonderful, high quality footage.

Pierre Vaux