Known Russian people's thoughts about Ukraine and Russia Vol. 4

Eugenia Albats chief editor of "The New Times"
About cynicism of the situation

........... Russia is a country that is what we call a proxy war. When there are separatists who supplied military equipment, of course, a large part of Russia, when there come on holiday and military instructors, and suddenly there is a column of military vehicles. And so on. Russia - a country which is on the territory of Ukraine supports the separatists. In this course, the cynicism of the situation is that Russia has yet to recognize the elections that took place in Donetsk People's Republic and the People's Republic of Lugansk.

A. Zhuravleva:
- But Russia said he respects them.

E. Albats:
- It's a different story. This has terrifying cynicism. So you can't do it with people. You can already then honestly say, guys, we "used" you, now you are on your own. Well, we will deliver a little military equipment, a couple 'Grads' and etc. But we not recognize you, because we will hurt by sanctions. It is such a disgusting cynicism. So you can not do this to people who believe in you. Just can not.................


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