Venezuelan zombies getting crazy for some rice bags.

Look at this, brother and sisters. This
happened yesterday at Makro in Caracas, Venezuela. People where waiting for
some rice bags. When they brought the bags out, they got frenzy, punching and
screaming around.

Look at this; this is the first time in our
modern history to experience such a shortage, corruption and anarchy.

Look at this, how socialism/communism destroyed
the main oil producer country in the western hemisphere, which was the world's first
oil producer during for most part of the 20th century and the main oil source
for the allies during the first and second world war; the richest country in
Latin America.

Look at it, and remember that this could happen
in your country, wherever you’re from, if you don’t fight back, if you don’t do
anything to stop them, if you don’t say anything against them, if you ignore


By: loc0lol (153.50)

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