Spain: New drone saves drowning bathers in less than a minute

A unique drone which is designed to save drowning bathers, was given a test-run at Cunit beach in Catalonia, Wednesday.

SOT, Dani Olmo, Inventor of Drone and Municipal Policeman of Cunit (Spanish): "Any boat can find what we find flying and any vessel can see what we see in the air, because in the water, if it is clear, you can see [things] to the ground. Then there is the speed. Any boat or swimmer can go at the speed of Delta [drone] so we can cover two kilometres of the beach with one drone, which is equivalent to two to three boats or five to six rescuers."

SOT, Vicente Luna, Coordinator of Rescue Teams at Cunit Beach (Spanish): "It is an assessment. On a preventive level it has helped us a lot. It is true that we started summer as a test, but today we can talk about its implementation. The truth is that the drone has helped us a lot in the field of prevention, control of marine animals and water pollution."


By: Ruptly (28497.00)

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Location: Cunit, Tarragona, Spain