Live news report captures man stealing golf cart trying to escape from police

May/05/08:Las Vegas,Metro Police were led on a so - called wild goose chase Monday morning in an effort to catch a suspect who tried to steal a Metro bait car.

The suspect lead police on a foot chase then jumped into a golf cart and then walked on Summerlin Parkway.

Action News reporter Ben Deci has more on this wild chase that was caught on tape.

Police say the man tried to steal the bait car and when he started driving down the wrong side of the street, Metro turned off the engine.

That is when Metro says the suspect took off running.

"We would rather chase the guy on the ground, let nobody get injured and shut it down right there," said Lieutenant Robert Duval.

Out on the golf course the suspect tried running over par and stumbled along the way.

Then he got another dumb idea or rather the same dumb idea that got him into the mess in the first place, he stole another set of wheels.

The suspect took a ride on a golf cart.

"When I see the guy take my cart and run and then I saw the helicopter," said Alex Uerrero.

"I heard Alex my partner yelling and he was waving his hands saying go get him, get him," explained John J. Edward.

It was not quite what you call a high speed chase.

Metro took a few minutes to get on scene, but it turned out the Channel 13 Action News Hawk was already tracking the suspect from the air.

When Metro got on scene, Captain Paul helped guide Metro's helicopter to the suspect.

"It was actually the Channel 13 helicopter that helped us out," said Lieutenant Duval.

Once the suspect got in a tunnel underneath the road he tried to make one last attempt to get away.

He ditched the golf cart and hid in a bush off to the side.

But thanks to the golf cart they were able to follow him and he did not stay hidden for very long.

The suspect peeked out from the brush with golf course staff hot on his heels.

"Normally about the biggest thing we get is someone driving too close to green, or on the T or something. Other than that, it is pretty easy going," said Howard.

In the end, the arrest is easy with the suspect so winded from his run, he lays down and let's police put him in custody.

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