Open Rebellion against the wacky Governor in NYC

Go Kathy! Defy the traitor of a governor!

Kathy Marchione, President
NY State Association of Clerks
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- October 4
Pilgrim: Kathy, Congress passed the Real I.D. Act, which is scheduled to take effect completely by 2013. This directly conflicts with that.
Do you believe that federal laws are being ignored?
Marchione: Yes, I do. It is in direct conflict. But, you know, New York has a pretty secure driver's license. And for whatever reason that we're going away from the security and making it less secure and going in direct contrast to the Real I.D. is something we don't understand.
Pilgrim: This was done by an executive order and not a vote. It was not put to any kind of vote.
Do you believe that that's the proper way to even address this issue?
Marchione: I don't..