Raw Video: Man kills four people, then self, sets home ablaze

(Miami Herald) -- A Miami man opened fire at a birthday party early Sunday, killing four people. He then drove home and set his truck and home blaze before committing suicide, police said.

An enraged, jilted Miami man opened fire at a birthday party early Sunday, killing four guests, including his estranged wife, her mother and daughter and also the daughter's boyfriend. He then drove home and set his home and truck blaze before committing suicide, police said.

"Unfortunately, we have five people dead as a result of a domestic dispute," said Kenia Alfonso, a Miami police spokeswoman.

Detectives on Sunday were piecing together the carnage that left a family's three generations of women dead. The mass killing is the second in three weeks in Miami-Dade.

Sunday's unidentified shooter showed up uninvited at the party held at the home where his estranged wife had been staying, on the 2800 block of Southwest 38th Court, said Miami homicide Det. Ervens Ford.

There were about 15 guests who had roasted a pig to celebrates someone's 27th birthday. The shooter blamed some of those present with his marital break-up, then opened fire, targeting those close to his wife, Ford said.

Neighbors heard more than 20 shots, then saw partygoers frantically running down the street, trying to get away from the gunfire and yelling for someone to call 911.

A pregnant woman, who was among the guests, was injured in the melee following the shooting and remains hospitalized.

After picking off his victims, the shooter jumped in his red Tacoma truck and rushed to his duplex on 700 block of Southwest 33rd Avenue.

He apparently rigged his house and truck with propane and gas tanks, which he ignited before killing himself.

"The fire was intentionally set," said Miami Fire spokesman Ignatius Carroll. The tanks had been strategically placed inside the home to cause severe damage, he said. A gasoline tank was also found inside the truck.

It's unclear if the shooter made those preparations earlier, or after returning to his home.

On Sunday, detectives were working two crime scenes, where the shooting occurred and the suspect's charred home.

Police said the incident began shortly after midnight, when they received a call of multiple shots being fired. A red pickup truck had been spotted leaving the scene.

Arriving units found four dead partygoers inside the home.

Soon after, someone called 911 to report a house fire about three miles away. Shots had also been heard coming from inside. Arriving Miami firefighters found the alleged gunman dead -- and the house blaze.

One neighbor captured video of the mayhem as the shooter's home burned and firefighters arrived at the scene.

Janseen Almodovar, who lives across the street, rushed outside when he heard people screaming and honking. He said the entire duplex and a truck out front were in flames.

"We thought the truck was going to blow up," Almodovar said.

Panicked neighbors weren't sure if anyone was inside the one-story ivory stucco building, but they couldn't knock because the fire was so intense.

Landlord Abel Loredo, who owns building where the alleged gunman shot himself, said the man had lived there for five years and had always been on time with the rent for his one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

Loredo declined to identify the man but said he had moved from Cuba about a decade ago and was very nice. The man was a cook at a restaurant in nearby Little Havana for a time before becoming an electrician a few years ago.

Neighbors said there had never been any problems with police and the man and his wife were often seen in their yard barbecuing. Loredo said the man's wife and her son had lived with him at some point, but he didn't know if they were still living there.

Police did not release the names of those who died because family members hadn't been notified.

On Sunday, the Miami-Dade medical examiner's office had to send two vans to collect the victims.

On February 25, Pablo Amador, a southwest Miami-Dade piano teacher and father of four, opened fire on his family killing his wife, two daughters and then turning the gun on himself at their home.

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