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Obama’s double whammy: Won’t protect borders, won’t pay to jail illegal immigrants

First the Democrats refuse to do anything to stop illegal aliens from flooding across the border. Now President Obama wants to kill a program that helps reimburse the states for jailing illegal aliens.

Don’t get us wrong. The funds were only to be used for jailing them for committing crimes other than crossing the border illegally.

The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAPP) provides states with assistance to offset the costs of jailing illegal immigrants.

When he was in the senate, President Obama voted to give extra funding to SCAPP. Yet now Obama has decided to eliminate the same program he once voted for.

Obama says that killing SCAPP will save $400 million per year

Added: May-13-2009 
By: Songun
Tags: Alien Assistance Program, Illegal Immigrants, ACORN, Obana Voters, Democrats, Liberalism
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