Tanks and Armored Vehicles of the Mexican Drug Cartels

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In Spanish, but video not hard to follow along.Pretty much self explanatory.
English News Report:
Ciudad Camargo, Tamaulipas. México.- On June 5 2011 the SEDENA (Mexican Army) discover a narco-warehouse where the "home-made" armored personnel carriers know as "Monstruos" (Monster) are manufactured by the drug-cartel of Los Zetas.

The warehouse its placed near the Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo highway in the suburb of Prolongación González by the personnel 8th Military Zone.

On this narco-warehouse where found several model 2011 Monstruos with more capacity to carry gunners, armored with steel plates, in the side was a thermic protector for high temperatures and also absorb the loud sound of the assault rifle when are fired.

This new 2011 versions have now radio communitation frequency, more comfortable seats, etc. Despite their massive weight this vehicles can reach the speed of 70 km/h (43.49 m/h)

Also the SEDENA seized 24 more standard units ready to be converted into a Monstruo.

Seized equipment:

- 43 magazines
- 77 catidges

According to some sources this seized equipment was used to test the armor defese capacity.

The design despite look primitive resembles the SWAT or any special law enforcement truck/APC and even like the MPV Buffalo that is used in Irak and Afghanistan.

Based on the images insted of heavy duty trucks like the Ford F-350 or the Dodge Ram 4000 are now using Freightliner or Peterbilt tractor trucks.