Bradley Manning Solidarity march forces Ft Meade lockdown

On the First of June, a massive march demanding that Bradley Manning be freed forced Ft Meade to lock their gates and police to block off MD Rt 175.

Bradley Manning is being held at Ft Meade as this is being written. It is the 4th anniversary of his arrest, yet his court martial is just starting now!

Perhaps there has been no trial because the Obama administration is afraid of the truth, afraid to put someone on the stand who will reveal that he was illegally ordered to cover up war crimes. Given these orders, Bradley Manning is accused of doing the right thing by sending the evidence (the "Collateral Murder" video and other such proofs) to Wikileaks. The Collateral Murder video shows a helicopter gunship, gun camera footage as a journalist is killed in the streets of Iraq by the onboard machine cannon. Next, the 20mm autocannon is used again to shoot up the ambulance.

Instead of investigating such crimes, the Obama administration is punishing the whistleblower.