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John Lear on UFO Area 51 Anthony J Hilder

Taken from the video “The Panic Project”

Anthony Hilder interviews John Lear in his home. Talks about his run in with security outside Area 51 with Bob Lazar. This is the famous incident where Mr Lazar lost his job as a result and ended his employment in area 51. Historic footage in the field of Conspiracy Research .

“John Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot, as well as the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a former Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 aircraft and has earned every certificate granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. John also held 18 world speed records and has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, John began coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of

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