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NATO terrorists (3-15) Operation Gladio: 1948-1990

BBC Timewatch 1992 - State Sponsored Terrorism in Europe (all 3 episodes).

Shocking documentary about the network of secret agents from France, USA, Italy and Belgium that carried out terror attacks on the European public and blamed the leftwing and communists.

The Gladio-centered US foreign policy, which was so successfully played-out in Europe, effectively countered the Soviet expansion at a high cost to European democracy. The application of that policy to Islamic countries facing a Soviet threat, such as Afghanistan, helped to roll-back the Soviets, but at a terrible cost. The training of Islamic paramilitary forces to carry-out terror attacks for political reasons, evolved into the unfolding nightmare known as the war on terror.

In Afghanistan, the CIA armed, trained and supported Islamic "Gladios" who carried-out Brzezenski's plans for staging terrorist attacks upon popu

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Iraq, Afghanistan
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